Something’s Cooke-in’. PENS WIN.

With rumors swirling around the entire team, the Pens put together one of their best efforts of the season.
It makes it that much better when it's against Philly.
But we've seen this disco before. It could be a mirage.
The Pens are out of the playoff picture right now, like it matters with 35+ games left.
With the good and the bad, gotta take this season one game at a time from here on out.
And this game was like sex.
Matt Cooke was on another level.
Joe E.
jc sheridan
The Flyers fans came out all business, booing Crosby as soon as he jumped over the bench. Usually those clowns wait till he actually touches the puck. Just shows the inferiority complex they have.
Cooke had a big-time chance up close, but no dice.
The Flyers came back on a 2-on-1. Gagne looked like he was gonna bury it.
But to the best of our knowledge, there was a carrot in the house that willed that puck wide.
Danny Briere was a no-show.
The Flyers fans booed Scuderi for some reason.
Oh wait. They weren't watching the game. They were watching the bench. Bing had jumped on.
Are they serious?
Flyers score. Jokes. 1-0.
Godard and Cote rumbled after that.
Cote still hasn't shown up for that one.
Godard is a lunatic.
Shitan takes some jobber penalty in the offensive zone while the Pens were cycling.
Bad news bears. But the Pens kill it.
The first period was reaching its twilight, and Marty Biron was still channeling Ken Wregget from the 1996 playoff run.
Later in the period, he was channeling Ken Wregget from that time when someone saw him smoking a cigarette in his car at Nemacolin Woodlands golf course.
Biz Nasty was all binnis and gets the puck to the net.
Mr. Kennedy was there. 1-0.
Huge goal.
The Pens were no jokes to start the second. They generated some shit, and Malkin found himself alone in the sweet spot of the slot.
Ping city. 2-1.
Who knows — the Pens may have been ready to completely lock down the neutral zone then and there…if they weren't doing it already.
The Pens had a power play when Staal got jobbed, but the PP is executing like Pearl Harbor right now.
Malkin and Hartnell went off about halfway through the second with a trip and a dive.
Five people on the glass get soaked from Hartnell's splash.
The Pens went to another level in the back end of the second.
They were in the Flyers zone for about 8 minutes.
Staal gets the puck and goes to town. 3-1.
What a shot.
The Flyers woke up after that, and they started pressing.
You start pressing against some unreal trap the Pens were using, and you're gonna make the mistake the trapping team is waiting for you to make.
Against a team like the Flyers, historically undisclipined, it spelled bad news for Philly.
The Pens drove a dagger into some scrotes when Cooke bangs home a rebound. 4-1.
Bing was out of his mind.
That felt good
Going into the third, for whatever reason, we had no fear at all that the Pens would pull this out.

Haven't felt that all season.


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The Pens zone was tougher to get into than a girl at a Christian rock concert.
no sale
Check that. Flyers scored. 4-2.
No worries. We hit the halfway mark of the third.
The moment we've all been waiting for came late in the third.
A random whistle blows. No one knows what's going on.
Too many men city. But the Pens PP is mud.
They got another PP when some joke jobbed Cooke.
No dice on that, either.
Game anyway.
Rocky has AIDs.
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