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Eddie Olczyk throws his hat into the crazy-person ring

Former NHL coach and now broadcaster because he was a terrible coach Eddie Olczyk had some really harsh things to say about the Brooks Orpik hit. Via ESPN:

“ The game is much different now than when I played,” Olczyk said on WGWG-LP 87.7 FM on Monday. “The game is much different than when I coached. Once the response didn’t happen, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Was I disappointed? Absolutely.

Former coach, 31-64-8, BTW.


Olczyk said some other weird things:

“He’s a big guy,” Olczyk said. “He’s a heavy guy. He battles. He’s a physical player. He takes runs at players. He doesn’t drop his gloves, which I certainly think is an issue I have, but that’s a whole other story.”

If someone would have gone after Orpik, and Orpik would have gotten hurt, Olcyzk would be railing against that player.

Oh… wait. That happened once, and every NHL talking head was ready to exile Shawn Thornton.

Wherever you stand on fighting, who cares. The entire NHL community is nauseating on this subject, and it is played out. We just want to point out that Eddie Olcyzk is a lunatic and that NBC is going to get to a point where they are going to need to end Olczyk, Milbury, Jones, etc.  You can’t promote violence and then get worked up when violence happens. Hits from behind, headshots: it is all one and the same. We get it; you played in the NHL. There is a code. You lived it. But at the end of the day, it isn’t the mid-’90s anymore. The Hawks handled it the way they wanted to. They handled it with class.

A lot more class than a washed-up former hockey player, subpar announcer, and terrible ex-coach.

P.S. No wonder Brooks Orpik doesn’t hit anyone anymore. Every time he does, it turns into a week-long soul-search-fest for hockey pundits.

h/t to Anthony P for the find.

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