Day 21 of the Penguins General Manager Crisis: At this point just get it right.

It’s been 21 days since Ray Shero was slayed.
And the Penguins still don’t have a GM.

Dejan is jammed up about it.

And he makes some solid points.

Our only point of emphasis is this – at this point why rush it?

Get it right. The best, and probably most generic comparsion we can make is you are basically entering a five-year relationship based off of three dates(interviews). You don’t even know if you are going to be annoyed with this persons laugh.

Most teams usually take four or five weeks to decide.

We will say this, Dejan is right in one aspect, this is no question a circus. Several days ago, the rumor on the street was Pierre McGuire was set to become the GM. After yesterday the trail went cold, and the number nine – as in candidates left – started floating around in various circles. In fact, it was confirmed to us by two different people in the spectrum of the Penguins rumor chain.

So, expect this whole thing to get stranger by the day. But all that matters:

Get it right.


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