Dan Bylsma Rumors Swirling?

We have no idea what this means really, but this is from Allan Muir of Sports Illustrated:

“Rob Rossi explains what’s behind the Pittsburgh Penguins’ lackluster 6-6-2 record since coming back from the Olympic break. These seem like valid explanations, but they’re not quieting rumors that the Pens may consider a coaching change before heading into the playoffs.”

Now, is this just an attempt to stir up controversy and generate some extra traffic, or is it actually based on anything? A coaching change right before the playoffs seems crazy to us.

The post that Muir links to (which has Josh Yohe’s name on it, not Rob Rossi’s) doesn’t say anything about the Pens considering a coaching change, so we’re not sure what rumors Muir is talking about, unless he means the things people yell on Twitter immediately after losses.

Mark Madden mentioned the SI piece too, speculating that Jacques Martin would be Bylsma’s interim replacement.

The Pens did have a players only meeting after the Coyotes game, but that might not mean anything other than frustration. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything regarding Dan Bylsma.

For what it’s worth, Dejan Kovacevic of the Trib posted this yesterday:

“Dan Bylsma wouldn’t be in trouble, either. If he could survive last summer’s chalkboard bullying from Claude Julien, he certainly should expect to survive any fate befalling a team with so many injuries. Never mind that Bylsma is the one guiding this group that doubts its own character and discipline. Or that, mere minutes after he somewhat blandly panned the Penguins’ abominable effort in that 3-2 loss to a tired Phoenix team, it was announced that he had called off practice for Wednesday. No word if ice cream was on the menu.”

Of course, anything could happen, (recall Robbie Ftorek being fired in late March back in 2000 and the Devils going on to win the Cup) but we’re taking this all with a huge grain of salt at this point. Right now it just seems like this rumor is coming from one person who, as far as we know, doesn’t seem to have any special connection with the Pens.

EDIT: Maybe this is where all of this is coming from? (Thanks to ZMatrix on Twitter) That’s not a “rumor.” That’s someone’s opinion.