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Dan Bylsma calls out his team

Only a matter of time before this happened. [ Trib ]

Bylsma didn’t like what Fleury did:

“Typically the rule of thumb is: The puck’s on the glass, you stay in the net,” Bylsma said. “Puck’s on the dasher, you have a truer read on the play. Given the time of the game, the place, the play is to stay in the net and not go out and attempt a play on the puck.”

He doesn’t like his team’s effort:

“ The work and compete and the battle level has probably been the most troubling thing,” Bylsma said. “In Game 3, after getting down two goals for 50 or 55 minutes of that game, it wasn’t perfect, but we were the desperate team. We took the game to them.”

He said a bunch of other things. Really interesting to see how things translate on Saturday night.

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