An incredible story about the “Russian Penguins.”

Even if you don't remember the Russian Penguins, this article is an incredible recap from a PBS interview. [ Third String Goalie ]

The interview subject is Stephen Warshaw. Warshaw was set over to Russia by the Penguins to help build up the Russian team.

Some highlights:

- This was Howard Baldwin's idea, so of course it went to hell.
- A Russian player's finger was bitten off by a bear at intermission.
- According to Warshaw, the Russian mob ran the show. Some incredible stories there.
- On some players and staff being murdered:
Well, it was frightening, in about a six month period, a player was killed on our team, Alexander Osache, who was a San Jose Sharks pick. The team assistant coach, Vladimir Bouvich, was killed. And our team photographer Felix Oliviov, were all killed. Two of them gunned down Mafia-style, five bullets to the head in front of their wives. The player, we're still not sure how he died. He died in his room, in his apartment . . .
Overall, incredible stuff.