All about Lee Stempniak

The Penguins got Lee Stempniak for a third-round pick.

The Stempniak move feels like more or less Shero's fourth option. Hemsky didn't work out, Cammalleri's price was too high, and of course Kesler didn't happen.

So, Shero needed someone that could probably play some first line minutes, and score every so often.

It's a low risk, high reward move.

Here is more about Lee.

Breakdown of Stempniak's career

via sporting graphs

– Stempniak has put up some decent NHL numbers in his career.

– His +/- indicates he doesn't enjoy playing defense.

– The biggest thing: note the 71% even strength goal stats. Something the Penguins have been awful at this season.

What those who know Stempniak the best think

Two fanbases are forever linked to Stempniak. The Leafs and the Blues. Why?
We'll start our PDL editor and Blues fan David Rogers. We asked him what he thought:


Rogers: He's one of my favorite players ever. Why? Because he secured Alexander Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo. What a trade!

But seriously, he's my definition of a very, very average forward. He had one really strong year, the Blues sold high and then he's regressed to his real, mediocre form. He's always reliable for 10-20 goals a season, but man … what a trade by the Blues.

As Rogers mentioned, the Blues robbed the Leafs blind in this 2008 trade.

Of course, our boys at Pension Plan Puppets don't remember him very well…and they got into a fight with his brother.



First link talks about Stempniak's shooting %:

Stempniak played 123 games with the Leafs and scored a total of 25 goals on 8.5% shooting. In 14 games in Phoenix he scored 14 goals on 29.2% shooting. To put 29.2% shooting into perspective Wayne Gretzky had a 24.9% shooting percentage the year he scored 92 goals. For further contrast remember that Lee Stempniak once shot so wide of the net from between the faceoff circles on a breakaway that the puck hit the corner boards.

And… beware of Stempniak's brother on twitter.


Another Blues fans, our good friend @hildymac said this about Stempniak:

I have a soft spot for him. He'll always be known as the guy STL fleeced Toronto with, but he is a good forward and has offensive skills – he's just been stuck on awful teams. I was happy to see the Pens rescue him today. 

Similar players

According to Hockey Reference these players are similar to Stempniak:

Really thought we were going to see Glenn Murray on this list.


Possible red flag here. Your mailman has the same amount of playoff goals as Stempniak…

Best Youtube

Uhhh someone made a tribute vid:


– No one with the first name of Lee has done anything. So maybe Stempniak will be the first.
– March is Stempniak's second best scoring month career wise. He has 59 points in the month.
– Stempniak is must-see on Thursday with 35 career goals.