A look back at the best Pens-Habs game since the lockout

Tonight is the second of three games between the Habs and Pens. Unfortunately, the Pens won’t be going back to Montreal this season, which is where most of the magical moments occur in this sneaky rivalry. It seems this rivalry has an unforgettable moment or game every season.
Off the top of our heads, we can think of, in no particular order…
The Letang concussion game. 
The Brandon Sutter OT classic.
The MAF-Price rap battle.
Jaroslav Halak.
Mike Cammalleri.
Subban and Staal.
And there are a bunch of other little moments that would take way too long to detail.
But there’s still another game floating around that has stood the test of time in our minds…
February 1, 2007 — Pens win 5-4 in shootout

We remember this game like it was yesterday. Easily one of the best games from that 2006-2007 season.
It had everything.
– Gonchar blasts
– Colby Armstrong kamikaze mission
– Fleury getting beaten over the left shoulder
– The Habs scoring a deflating goal late
– Erik Christensen scoring off the post
– Radek Bonk
– MAF's yellow pads
– Civic Arena
– Guy Carbonneau
– Jarkko Ruutu's sick moves
– Malkin ending it in the shootout
You should probably watch the game tonight. It's gonna be added to this list.