A 20-year-old article and who cares

By now, if you are still hopelessly hanging around the Penguins hockey-Internet, you know. Pierre McGuire is listed as a candidate for the Penguins GM role.

Everyone has quoted this article from 20 years ago.

Pierre was clearly terrible, 20-years-ago. This is neither in support or against Pierre McGuire. It just a statement. 20-years-ago means nothing. Imagine if some columnist covered you ten or 20 years ago. Or covered you in college. How would that play out?

We were all Pierre McGuire in hartford at one point in our lives. It’s time to move on from that stance, and referencing that article.
If the Penguins hire Pierre McGuire. There is some good. He knows junior hockey better than anyone. He has been around the game.

There is also some bad. He is far from a sure-thing. And he is, Pierre McGuire.

We are still waiting for the ” I’m coming home,” video.

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