What to watch tonight: 30 for 30: Big Shot

Ben Koo reviewed this over at Awful Announcing.

Spano officially owned the Islanders for a handful of months. The story of how he procured ownership is good but the story of him trying to hustle to retain ownership is great. Spano did try to improve the Islanders, while also scavenging for the money necessary to keep the con afloat, all while participating in some nefarious behavior aided by his newfound fame.

Isles super fan Kevin Connolly directed it, and, as Koo points out, he becomes a focal point of  it, which is very Islander fan-like.

Either way, it sounds interesting. We have no memory of this, but we are holding out hope we get a pic of Yashin's turtleneck.

It airs tonight at 8pm on ESPN.