What they are saying about Game 1 in Boston

It's always fun to see what the other side is saying, especially when that "other side" is Boston. Here is a roundup of blogs, newspapers, and some site called Masshole Sports that is the worst.
The overall theme of this is Tuukka Rask played the game of his life, Crosby is a baby, and Boston has complete control of everything.


Days of Y'ORR are our boys. They have a great cap. 

[ There Ain't No Party Like A Tuuka Rask Party

Let's be honest… this game could've been a lot different. Bruins defense gave Pittsburgh TONS of good chances. Rask was the savior. Pittsburgh is too good to keep missing on those types of chances if the Bruins keep giving them up. We're happy with the win, but the Bruins still need to be better. Pens did hit a couple posts :-/ 


Fair enough. Common theme among Boston fans and media after this game is two things: Hate for Crosby and cupping of Tuukka Rask's balls.

Next up.


The Boston Herald

Nothing too stupid here. But you can tell the Herald is still trying to act like the Bruins are this unreal underdog. Key phrasing here is the usage of "frustrated."

Moving on.



Now we're getting somewhere. In their recap:

When the two teams finally got around to playing some playoff hockey Saturday night, the Bruins shut down the so-called high-flying Penguins 3-0, led by David Krejci's two goals and Tuukka Rask's spectacular presence in net.

Does anyone else feel confident when the Bruins faithful are claiming Rask was "spectacular"? He was okay. 


You can really dig into the inner Boston idiocy by going to clown Joe Haggerty.


We sometimes complain about the Pittsburgh media, but the Bruins media is basically just a like a fanboy network.  Haggerty is alluding to Crosby with the crying comment.

More from Haggerty:

Sidney Crosby had one of his worst playoff games going up against the Big Bad Bruins. He was on ice for both of David Krejci’s goals, he lost 6-of-17 face-offs mostly to Patrice Bergeron and he spent way too much time whining to officials and getting involved in scrums he should have been nowhere near. He finished with four shots on net, but two of them came in the third period after the game had really been decided. At that point Crosby was so frustrated that he took a dumb slashing penalty on Tyler Seguin, and embarrassed himself by chasing after and cross-checking Tuukka Rask at the end of the second period

Amazing how the confrontation at the end of the second period gets spun. Crosby chased Rask? Odd, because Rask skated towards Crosby.


Last and least is this blog.

It's called Masshole Sports, and, dear god, is it awful.

From their recap:

The Bruins didn’t steal game one, they beat the Penguins in every aspect of the game. There is a difference. Even though the national media will say repeatedly that the Bruins stole this game. Ignore the noise. It is bullshit.

Whoa. The Bruins beat the Penguins in every aspect? LOLOLOLOL. How great is the Vokoun pic? What a process of deduction there.

Brutal times from this guy. We cannot even think of our own comment, this guy is so bad. This sums it up nicely:



Honorable mention

— A guy called " The Obnoxious Sports fan" tracked down two Pittsburgh "tweeters" and called them out. [ Boston.com

The fact that any adult would stoop to this level in reaction to a sporting event is a disturbing sign

Apparently this was their first time on the Internet.

This ending:

Don't worry, Pittsburgh.

You still have most offensive team in the league, and have at least two fans to prove it.

Bet he slapped himself a high five after that. Here is a search string of Boston fans wishing for Matt Cooke to die. [ Twitter ]

Just saying.