Vokoun to start Game 3, why this may be the end of Marc Andre Fleury

Vokoun is in for Game 3, Marc-Andre Fleury may be out in Pittsburgh forever.

Is that over the top? Maybe. But think about what is going on. Down 2-0, and in their biggest game of the season the Pens aren't starting their number one goalie.  

And, they aren't wrong about it.

The goaltending change the other night was not the same as Fleury getting his job back. But when Fleury gave up that back-breaking goal late in the first period, that was more or less the ending of his hold on the number one spot in Pittsburgh.

For some reason this shocks people, and we know, Fleury had great regular season numbers, but look at reality. Fleury has been terrible in the playoffs of late, and overall he just is not the goalie everyone in Pittsburgh thinks he is. SBN's Travis Hughes laid this out as clear as day last month.

Game 3  tonight is a money game. Crosby and Malkin are paid for games like this because the Penguins believe they are the best in the game and that they will make a difference. Marc-Andre Fleury is paid for a game like tonight, but comparsions ends there.