Vokoun’s time


In the salary-cap era, it seems really strange to have your team's backup goaltender making $2 million a year, especially when your number-one goalie is making $5 million. The summer following Fleury's collapse in the Flyers series, the memory was still fresh on Ray Shero's mind, and he made a move. He traded for Tomas Vokoun and quickly turned around and signed him to a two-year contract at $2 million per. It seemed like a hefty sum, and it still is. It just shows how important a solid backup goalie was to Shero.

And it all boils down to tonight. If your mantra is "In Shero We Trust," there's no point in turning back now.

Go read Jesse's piece at Faceoff-Factor on the switch to Vokoun. It's all the Internet needs to know at this point.