VIDEO: Sidney Crosby and Dion Phanuef’s discussion from 24/7

24/7 was awesome last night. One of the best scenes was Dion Phanuef and Crosby discussing some things:

Puck Daddy broke it down.

SID: “A guy runnin’ an elbow up through my head, that’s OK too, right?”

DION: “Who did?”

SID: “Kadri. [Explitive] dummy. Then he acts like he got shot.”

DION: “You [expletive] hit me from behind, Sid!”

SID: “I did not. C’mon, I don’t even hit anybody. I haven’t hit anybody [expletive] this year.”

DION: “You wouldn’t like it if I pushed you like that.”

SID: “Probably not, but you’d do it all night anyway.”

DION: “I got a job to do too.”

SID: “Yeah well Kadri is a [expletive] joke. You tell’em.”

Just great stuff. Even better because Crosby scored the GWG in the third. Kadri had a later scene where he was telling his dad that he was just trying to get underneath Crosby's skin.