VIDEO: Shawn Thornton’s assault on Brooks Orpik

This is a disgrace. Just a complete disgrace. Shawn Thornton had a vendetta against Orpik after he sent Eriksson into the Harbor on a great hit. First, Thornton accosted Orpik on a shift that gave the Pens a PP that they scored on. Then the above happened.

This is just something you do not do. Thornton has been a borderline NHLer his entire career that has somehow lasted this long, so something like this was bound to happen from him. The Boston color guy mentioned that Orpik deserved it because he didn't man up and fight Thornton.

If this happened to a Bruins player, they would be wanting Obama to hold a special press conference about it. This was a downright, clear-cut assault. You have to think this warrants a hefty 20- or 30-game suspension at minimum. You simply cannot attack player when he is down on the ice. The city of Boston officially cashed in the chips from everyone's sympathy for the past 8 months, and they're back to doing what they do.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brooks Orpik and his family.

UPDATE: Orpik has been taken to Massachusetts General Hospital and is awake and conscious.