The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Refuses to shut the fuck up about the DMV thing.

Truth be told, when we first read the DMV story, didn't even think twice about it. But now, it is clear the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is actually really jammed about it.

Here is the editorial they actually wrote today:

America is about equal justice and treatment for its people. It's not about government agencies granting privileges to some, even if they are magnificent skaters

The people that founded America are sickend over that paragraph.

What in the hell is even going on here? Mark Madden had some interesting scoop on this:


It's August, the worst month. But this is making things even worse. Quick look at the current top 10 list of the people in Pittsburgh that should get to skip the DMV:

1. Ken Rice
2. 66
3. Mike Tomlin
4. Mike Lange
5. David Johnson
6.Sidney Crosby
7-10. Anyone not named Luke Ravenstahl.
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