The Pens are still over the cap. Who is going?

Hey, training camp is in like 8 minutes.

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Main number to focus on is cap space, which means basically Shero overdrafted his bank account, but there are no fees. 

Shero has until game 1 to get under the cap

So really tons of time to comply, but the clock is ticking. Being right up against the cap isn't great, because in season if injuries occur you have to some room to make moves. 

Candidates to move to make room

Matt Niskanen

Dave Molinari has an interesting read at the PG on Matt Niskanen

"I know the situation we're in, being over the cap," Niskanen said after an informal workout Monday at the Ice Castle in Castle Shannon. "It's pretty evident that Ray [Shero, the general manager] has to make a decision. Someone who probably otherwise is a regular on our roster [will be traded]."

Niskanen has turned his career around in Pittsburgh. But like the article mentions, he may be the odd man out, which would be a huge shame.

But we don't buy it. Even if he only has a year left, Niskanen still is a valuable commodity in the NHL. Trading him for nothing makes limited sense.

Tanner Glass

Quick — name one thing Tanner Glass is good at.

Hint: it is pictured below.


Jussi Jokinen

Wouldn't Jokinen be the most logical move? The Pens have 3,000 centers, and Jokinen seemed to fall out of favor in the playoffs last year. He makes 2.1 million, which some of Carolina pays anyway. He's not a big part of the Pens plans it seems.


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