The Penguins were the oldest team in the NHL last season. Some other interesting trends

Great work by QuantHockey on the NHL Average ages. Last season the Penguins were the oldest team in the NHL:

Now, that number for the Penguins is probably off because Brenden Morrow and Jarome Iginla are 150 years old. The Penguins seem to be headed down that road again though.

And that is where it gets interesting. Because the average age, especially in the playoffs amongest forwards, is headed down.

Average age of forwards, in the playoffs peaked in 2003-2004 at about 29 years-old. Last season it fell down to about 27 years-old.

Average age of the Blackhawks last year: 27.012.

So that got us thinking, what is the average age teams since the lockout? EliteProspects had all of that.

Year Team Average Age
2011-2012 Kings 26
2010-2011 Bruins 26.71
2009-2010 Blackhawks 25.89
2008-2009 Pens 27
2007-2008 Wings 29.46
2006-2007 Ducks 27.26
2005-2006 Canes 27.42

Now, the Penguins rosters, as it stands now is 28.9 years-old. A little higher than the average over the last seven years of 26.68.

The age issue has been a worry to some Penguins fans. As well as it should be. Facts are facts.

By no means is this some concrete stat, it is just interesting to see the Penguins move away from a younger overall team age as a proven sweet spot is as clear as day.

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