The NHL’s Back. Are You Ready To Jump Back In?

The NHL lockout is over.

The question now is: Are you going to jump right back in? Some people certainly will. NHL hockey is exciting, the games are fun to watch and the prospect of Crosby and Malkin both being in shape for a "full" season are tempting. On the other hand, the fact that fans will come rushing back immediately is part of the reason why both sides knew they could waste months "negotiating" with barely any consequences. Some fans won't feel comfortable giving money to the same people who didn't seem to care about them at all. Also, many have found other things to do during the lockout and they may not feel as though they have as much time to dedicate to the NHL as they once did.

There's no right decision here. If you want to surround yourself and your life with NHL hockey again, go for it. That's entirely your decision and it makes sense. If you want to cut down on games you watch and money you spend on the NHL, that's entirely understandable as well. If you've moved on from the NHL, that's the league and the PA's fault for letting it get to this point. If you feel like waiting a while to see how you feel, then you should do that. 

Personally, I (yes, using the word "I") am not sure how I feel about all of this. I just hope they paint "Thank You Fans" on the ice again, just to show how out of touch they are.