The Malkin bashing has already begun

Well, that didn't take long.  Actually, it's got to be some kind of a record.  Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times has already begun the anti-Malkin rhetoric.  At the time Bradford began writing this bullshit Malkin-bashing article, Geno had been on U.S. soil for less than a day.  Join us as we examine this hit piece.

As usual, when a journalist decides to attack a player's work ethic, attitude, or, in this case, "getting it"-iveness, it's because said player has shunned the journalist or the media in general.  It's really petty and childish stuff, and it's always at the root of a hit piece like this one. Bradford doesn't even try to hide his motive at all.  He's upset that Malkin didn't make himself available to the media after the Pens practice on Monday.

Clearly, this is a case of a journalist not realizing that Tuesday usually comes after Monday on the calendar.  GASP: The media will have to wait another day.  And what kind of quotes will they get after waiting 24 hours?  Well, Bradford decides to take some sideswiping jabs at Malkin's broken English.  He intermingles backtracking statements throughout his discussing of Malkin's language barrier, but there is zero reason to bring this up in the article. 

Then he tries to turn the fans against Malkin:

It's really embarrassing for the Beaver County Times that they have their name attached to this.  As we mentioned before, this is childish stuff for a professional journalist to do.

News flash: The fans don't care.  Seriously, they don't.  Any fan who was upset that Malkin didn't talk to the media on Monday needs to get their head checked.  Bradford should spend his Tuesday asking random Penguins fans on the street if they're angry, frustrated, or confused as to why Malkin didn't make himself available to the media on Monday. The overwhelming majority of responses would go something like this: "The NHL is back, bro. Who cares?"