The Latest NHL Jersey Abomination: The Accelerator Collection

There aren't really any words needed here. If, for whatever reason, you want to view the entire "collection" you can do so here

Strangely enough, there's no Crosby jersey, but there is a Crosby t-shirt.


There's also this:

It's understandable that you might want to wear some sort of "stylish" t-shirt or hat or whatever. They're not for everyone, but some people may like the look. That's cool. Whatever.

However, we'll never understand jerseys that come in colors other than team colors, such as these ones or the "black ice" ones or the pink ones.

The Pens design even kind of works with this style because it's still basically black and gold. But EVERY jersey in this collection is black and some other color. Like this. Or this. Or this. No idea why anyone would want a black Rangers, Red Wings or Leafs jersey… wouldn't you rather wear the team colors? We're honestly asking…..