That Time Everyone Thought Iginla Was A Bruin

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Just a stunning turn of events overnight. Everyone thought Iginla was a Bruin. Then Ray Shero said no. Now, we look back at those moments when everyone thought Jarome was shipping up to Boston.

Aaron Ward started all of this with a Tweet that he has since deleted. Thankfully, @mandatuckwell did the right thing and screen captured it.

TSN then spent the night apologizing and reworking old posts.

EDIT: So did

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The damage had been done though. Everyone thought Iginla was a Bruin. The "Bruins match the Penguins with a big trade" stories all started appearing.

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A lot of places have modified their orginal stories with the new information.


But…. then came the crash.

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We wish this happened during the day so we could have seen the Internet explode firsthand.

Comments sections tell the story though:

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We wonder how many newspapers in went to print with "IGINLA TO THE BRUINS" headlines. We're sure anyone who reads those will wait until tomorrow to find out the truth.

The best part is that the "OMG TRADE DEADLINE FRENZY DAY" means so much less now.