Just remembered that Mike Knuble is a free agent and got excited. He'd look good with a skating penguin on his chest.

Sure, he's 40-years-old and his best days are long behind him, but it's a shortened season with a long offseason. Besides, how much can he really cost? If he's terrible, bench him. The Pens have the cap space and the free agent market isn't especially great right now. A one-year deal could be worth the risk.

Mike Knuble would provide the veteran presence, grit and work in front of the net that the Penguins need. They could even just play him on the powerplay if that's all the ice time he can handle. At least it would prevent him from scoring big goals against the Penguins.

The top two lines will be Kunitz-Crosby-Dupuis and Neal-Malkin-???. Knuble may fit in nicely there.