STATS: Pens after 16 games

The Pens are already one-third of the way through their schedule. So far, the entire NHL has been pretty amazing. It's a combination of everyone missing hockey during the lockout and the allure of this truncated season where every game holds some weight.

We're looking at some Pens stats after 16 games.


– Crosby and Kunitz are league leaders among forwards with +11 ratings.

– James Neal leading the league with 7 power-play goals.

– Malkin leading the league with 11 power-play points.

– Paul Martin and Kris Letang are both seeing 25:37 a night.


– The Pens' 52.6% faceoff percentage is second-best in the East behind Boston's 57.4%.

– Pens' PP is best in the East, at 27.4%.

– Pens' PK is middle-of-the-road in the East, at 82.5%.


– Pens are scoring 3.19 goals per game, second in the East only to Tampa's ridiculous 3.93.

– Pens goals-against-per-game is in the middle of the East, at 2.38.

– Pens have scored 18 goals in the first period of games, best in the East.

– Pens have scored 19 third-period goals, third-best in the East.

– Pens have given up only 6 first-period goals, best in the East and the NHL.

– Pens are second in the East in blocked shots.

And finally, the East is scoring 2.82 goals per game versus the West scoring 2.72 goals per game.