So, what jersey will the Pens wear in Chicago?

First off, we love the idea of multiple outdoor games next season. We love that LA is getting a game. We love that Canada is finally getting an outdoor game post-Winter Classic. We love all of it. People are worried about the NHL cheapening the outdoor game. We're not too worried about it. All the games will sell out. All the games will most likely be on NBC. The NHL will make some money. That's really all that's important.

The Pens and Hawks will play theirs on March 1st. Tthe NHL returns from the Olympic break at the beginning of March. This will be a great way to jump-start the league for the homestretch of the season. We're not fans of the "that late in the season, that game may be really important, and they're playing it on below-par ice" argument. Every game is important.

The one thing bugging us, though, will be what jersey the Pens will wear. We examine that now…

They've gone dark for both of their Winter Classics.

2008 on the road. We're still big fans of those powder-blues. Nothing like them in sports.

2011 at home

The Blackhawks wore dark at home for the 2009 Classic.

Bruins wore dark at home for the 2010 classic.

Flyers work dark at home for the 2012 classic.

For the 2014 classic, the Wings will be wearing dark at home, and the Leafs will be wearing darks, as well.

So, if history is any indication, the Blackhawks will wear dark at home for their game against the Penguins. What's also up in the air is whether or not all of these outdoor games will feature throwback/special jerseys for the teams. If so, the Pens will have a situation on their hands.

It's already common knowledge that the Crosby Dark Blues are no more, and the Pens will be using a new third jersey next year. Third jerseys are of the dark variety, so unless the Blackhawks decide to go white, the Pens could've unveil their new thirds at this game. On the same token, it would be foolish for the Pens to let 80% of the season go by without unveiling a new third.

So the jersey situations are:

1. The Pens and Hawks wear their normal jerseys. This is probably very likely.

2. The Hawks wear a new white jersey and the Pens wear a new dark third. (Not likely at all, since the Hawks, as the home team, would want to wear a dark third jersey.)

3. The Hawks go with a throwback red uniform of sorts, and the Pens counter with a black throwback.

4. The Hawks use a dark throwback, and the Pens wear a one-time-only white uniform.


Hawks-Pens game notwithstanding, here's what we hope the Pens' choices will be for a third next season:
These are just a great time. Replace the pigeon with the regular logo, and we're in business. Hell, update the yellow to Vegas Gold while you're at it.

Can't go wrong with either of these two. Again, either keep the yellow or roll with Vegas Gold.

And, finally, a dark horse:

Pens have definitely moved away from the pigeon, but you never know. The entire uniform doesn't work without the stripes from the pigeon logo running around the jersey.

First-world problems.