Shawn Thornton is an asshole; will appeal suspension.

So lets get something straight. Shawn Thornton will apeal his suspension, represented by the same NHLPA, that represents Brooks Orpik. Awkward.  But that is going to be what happens according to Espn's Pierre Lebrun…


This was leaked to Bruins mouthpiece, Joe Haggerty late this week.



And we say it was leaked, because that guy is not smart enough to come up with that on his own.

What a joke this is. It should be a rule that the public gets to hear Thornton's defense in this matter. It should also be a rule that if your appeal is denied, you have 10 games added to your suspension. The entire way this Shawn Thornton suspension has been handled is a bit fishy, and now it is just becoming more and more of a circus. Boston typical.