Sens Organization officially accuses Matt Cooke of hurting Erik Karlsson

Remember the scene in Shawshank where the warden is brought to Andy's cell after Andy is missing and he accuses everyone of being " in on it." Well that is Bryan Murrary and the Senators right now.

Here are Murray's comments:

According to Yohe, Murray also yelled at him for laughing about an unrelated matter:

But the nonsense didn't stop there. Sen's goalie Craig Anderson just took to twitter with this:

The whole Ottawa organization apparently has gone Matt Cooke truther.
TSN has a good breakdown of the play. Aaron Ward makes sense for the first time ever.
We thought Travis Hughes said it best in his breakdown:
It's a fluid situation (you know, the game of hockey and whatnot) and Cooke doesn't quite get his leg where he wants it. Instead, his leg comes down and lands on Karlsson's ankle. A horrible accident.
It really was a horrible accident. The real crime here is the way the Senators handled it. They sent out Chris Neil to head hunt for most of the third period. He attacked Cooke from behind at one point as well. And then they bitch to the media. What a mess.

Oh, and by the way, Pens play Ottawa one more time this season. April 22, in Ottawa. Yikes.