Saying Goodbye to Some Former Pens

Before the regular season officially starts, we figured that it would make sense to say goodbye to the players who left the Penguins during the offseason. So, after tthe jump, that's exactly what we do.

Tyler Kennedy

We made fun of Tyler Kennedy a lot over the years and, in many cases, it was warranted. No one could hit a goaltender's chest quite like Tyler Kennedy. If there was one thing you could count on Tyler Kennedy to do, it was shoot the puck. It wasn't, however, to score goals. While he was sometimes incorrectly cast as a goal scorer (and he himself tried to be a goal scorer a little too often) he was still an effective member of the team. The Cooke-Staal-Kennedy line is still legendary to us. And that brings us to….

Matt Cooke

Despite all of the many, many stupid things that he did on the ice (far too often) Matt Cooke was another big part of the team. When he was actually playing hockey and not trying to decapitate people, he was an effective player. We loved the few games here and there that he played alongside Evgeni Malkin. We didn't love the ridiculous penalties that he often took. We'll forever defend him for the Erik Karlsson incident.

Mark Eaton

The return of Mark Eaton was one of our favorite storylines from last season. Sadly, in this offseason he became the odd man out on defense, especially after Rob Scuderi was brought back. Eaton is still a free agent right now. He wasn't on a professional team at the start of last year until the Penguins brought him back, so we wouldn't be surprised to see him land somewhere eventually. However, we also wouldn't be surprised if no one else remembers who he is, honestly.

Brenden Morrow, Douglas Murray and Jarome Iginla

All three men came over with various amounts of fanfare near last season's trade deadline. All three men are no longer Pittsburgh Penguins. Murray was a big body on the blueline, which is something the Penguins needed. He was, however, slower than pretty much anything. We're pretty sure an actual penguin can waddle faster than him. That said, Murray was generally effective in his role and he was also a pretty popular player, for what that's worth. He also cost the Penguins two second-round picks. He's now a Hab.

Jarome Iginla set the Internet on fire when he was traded to the Bruins, no the PENGUINS in the middle of the night. Almost everyone expected him to rekindle his Vancouver 2010 chemistry with Sidney Crosby but, apparently, it turns out that it's difficult to play Hall of Fame hockey on your off-wing/on the third line. He's now actually a member of the Bruins for real.

Brenden Morrow was a long time member of the Dallas Stars before being traded to the Penguins.

Yes, we didn't include players who were not full-time members of the Pittsburgh Penguins roster last year. We also have this terrible feeling that we're forgetting someone important. If we are, let us know.

Overall, while the Penguins lost some well known players, it could have been worse. During the offseason they re-signed Craig Adams, Pascal Dupuis and Chris Kunitz while also extending the contracts of Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin among other moves.