Chris Kelly’s weak ankles, and round-up of Penguins/Bruins fallout

Pascal Dupuis is being accused of breaking Chris Kelly's ankle:

So everyone saw that? Sure did look like Kelly slashed Dupuis back just as hard. Might be time for the Bruins to get a new trainer.

Moving on to the depths of the Boston sports scene…

BarStool sports apparently is a site. And here is their post titled ,"  I stand by everything Shawn Thornton did today "

So I had to chime in on this Shawn Thornton debacle.     The entire city of Pittsburgh is calling for Thornton’s head.  Calling him a disgrace to hockey.  I got to be honest.   I thought Thornton did what he had to do.


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Yikes, the writer also claims the Penguins started all of it. Historically bad stuff.

Speaking of bad stuff, Bruins mouth-piece Joe Haggerty from CNNSE. 

He has all kinds of excuses:

It didn’t help matters that referees Brad Meier and Gord Dwyer left the game spin completely out of their control with a series of missed chances to calm things down in the first period.

It is always someone elses fault in Boston sports.

Haggerty also called Shawn Thornton's career a "perfect body of work." No words for that.


Moving on to an actual decent Bruins blog. Our boys at Days of Y'Orr tell the truth:

What Shawn Thornton did was wrong and there is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. I don't care if Brooks Orpik "had it coming" (which he didn't) or not. People believe that what Thornton did was okay because Orpik wouldn't fight Thornton, which apparently makes any act after dismissing an invitation to fight kosher. 

After the jump the national scene reacts and some other takes…

The HNIC panel reacts…

If you didn't stick around when P.J Stock started talking. Wow. Included in the many, many dumb things P.J. Stock says is this:

" Brooks Orpik can make that hit ( referring to the Loui Ericksson hit) without any consequence."

Wait what? Consequence for what? Doing his job? What a shocking statement.

Other reads…

- @pensbender nails his thoughts. [ ThePensnation ]

The fact that the players have a “code” where you must drop the gloves with a combatant if you’ve angered them tells the story.  The prisoners are running the jail.  Brooks Orpik’s hit on Loui Erikkson was clean.  James Neal’s hit on Brad Marchand wasn’t.  Thornton went after Orpik.  Somehow this is all embraced, however, because the score always gets evened.  Because the game has guys like Shawn Thornton who aren’t afraid to earn their paycheck.  This, of course, is what he’s here for.

-  GTOG takes a good stand on James Neal. [ GTOG ]

He (Neal) should be suspended for a few games.  The bottom line for Neal is that as fantastic as he is, he really needs to reign in the fire a little but more, or at least figure out how to not take penalties in the offensive zone.  Nothing he did justifies Thornton's battery, but too often, the little things the Pens do end up taking the game from a hockey game to a sideshow.  


- And last but not least @Mikedarnay posted this on twitter: