ROOT Sports camerawork may be good this year
It's no secret that we personally haven't been happy with ROOT Sports' hockey camerawork over the past…always.  They have the frustrating tendency to zoom in on players at the worst possible time, like during a frantic 3-on-2 rush up the ice.  ROOT thinks people want to see a sexy close-up action shot of Malkin as he crosses the blue line.  That's nice and all, but show it in a replay.  We want to see the play develop.  If you aren't of this same mentality, sorry, you really don't know what you're talking about.  Compare ROOT's camerawork to even one game of a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, and it is night and day.
If only ROOT would hire a director from the HNIC broadcasts.  Oh, wait.  They have.  Our new favorite person goes by the name of John Szpala.
From a ROOT press release on July 13, 2012:
Along with the Penguins Pre-season television schedule, ROOT SPORTS also announced today the addition of award winning hockey director, John Szpala, as the new Director of Penguins broadcasts on ROOT SPORTS starting this fall.  Before coming to Pittsburgh, Szpala, a native of Brantford, Ontario, spent 16 years directing Hockey Night in Canada, as well as directing the Ottawa Senators games on Rogers Sportsnet. Combined with his previous directing experience and his involvement directing both Men’s and Women’s Hockey during the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, Szpala brings an impressive 32 years of directing experience to ROOT SPORTS.
oh baby