REWIND: Pens-Caps 1996

The Pens have a pretty tough row to hoe. Losing the first two games of a series at home and then coming back to win 4 of the next 5 possible games? And in the Conference Finals, a.k.a. the Stanley Cup semifinals?

Only one team has ever done it. The 1944-45 Red Wings:

It was against the Bruins, so that may count for something. Too bad everyone who played in these games is probably dead.

Overall, teams have faced the Pens' current situation 17 times in the Conference Finals, and they are 1-16 in the series. (We've been informed that Bob Grove mentioned this stat in the pregame show before Game Two. That's why Grove is the real deal.)

When you consider every round of the NHL playoffs, teams in the Pens' current situation fare way better, going 18-61, which is a .295 winning percentage.

The 1996 Penguins are one of those 18. And now a look back at that series against the Capitals:



Game One. The Pens lost 6-4. The Caps came back from a 4-1 deficit. One of the foundations of our childhood was Nedved scoring these two quick goals early in Game One. So glad they've found their way onto the Internet.

This link has a bunch of other goals from Game One.

Not much other evidence online of this series. Here are the scores:

Here's the deciding Game 6's box score for the Pens:

But of course we all remember this series for one thing.

Fuckin' Mike Lange.