Report: Pittsburgh Penguins to Play Outdoor Game in Chicago Versus Blackhawks

Because you can't have an outdoor game without somehow involving the Pittsburgh Penguins….

Pic via Lawrence Dushenski at TSN.

It looks like the NHL is going to announce their latest money grab a Stadium Series consisting of five additional outdoor games for next season, on top of the Toronto/Detroit Winter Classic. That's what's being reported at least.

It looks like the Pens will face the Chicago Blackhawks at Soldier Field on March 1st, if reports are correct.

This all seems a bit like overkill, but it will sell tickets and possibly boost interest in the NHL.

If these games all happen, this will be the third outdoor game for the Pens and the second for Chicago. The Rangers, who will possibly participate in two games at Yankee Stadium, will also have played three outdoor games by the time all of this is done. 

We're about two years away from all NHL games being played outside and four years away from the league holding a special event called "the Indoor Classic."

And now for the real question: How will the NHL involve the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers in all of this?