LAST UPDATE: Benz made threats over facebook. UPDATED AGAIN: REPORT: In shocking turn, Tim Benz quits the X on air

Reports started coming in shortly after 10a.m. this morning that Tim Benz rage-quit The X Morning Show this morning.

Details are extremely scattered, but here is a screenshot of a Benz rage on Twitter:

If anyone has updates or any insight to what happened, let us know.



It appears as if the Internet has defeated Tim Benz.


From e-mail:

Good morning guys,
The reason Tim quit was because he made some comments about Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms and their Facebook page.  The fans oc PTF completely bombed him with calls, texts and emails and apparently he couldn't handle it.  Check out the PTF Facebook page for their take on all of this.–BM


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Another e-mail:

Whats up guys… love your stuff…

I was listening to the X Morning Show on 'I Heart Radio' from my office like I do every morning.  The show was going fine – fun commentary, cap of the pens game, making fun of yinzers – the usual.

Then as the show was closing, I could sense a change…

Usually between 930 – 1000 is when Tim and Bob hit their strides.  By that time they usually have plenty of material from callers throughout the morning to make a pretty good show, but today, something was different.

The final segment included a very hollow-sounding Tim talking as if he was in a tin can (they were broadcasting from Nemacolin, so the quality wasn't good).  It was awkward radio when he went on saying how discussing his personal views can get other people in trouble, and he 'can't be that guy' – or something to that effect.

Although he never came out and said it, he seemed as though he wouldn't be back on Monday.  I could sense in Bob's voice when he would chime in, that he was trying to talk Tim off the ledge "You'll be back… we'll see you Monday" and the like.

My theory is that sometime during the show (he seemed normal when I started listening around 7am), he was informed by someone from the network of something he may have said on the X Facebook page (I don't have FB so I can't confirm).  I know he struck a chord with some yinzers on gun control, and he mentioned some of them on the air and the sparring that ensued publicly.

The X Morning show is great, your page is great.  I enjoy both even if your views conflict.  Its very entertaining and a way for me to escape the sap that is Washington D.C..

Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Go Pens

Last update to this mess:

Here is the Facebook comment that may have forced Benz's hand:

From Matt W.

Found some gun-lover thread that was talking about Benz.
They said he wrote this on Facebook:

Pic here.

This is the exact quoute:

"Sorry to burst your bubble rich. I'm sure there is nothing you enjoy better than enjoying a good ole fashioned liberal conspiracy theory. But I dont run the facebook page. I did post the Fleury story and noticed your boyfriend Anthony taking a swipe at me. So I made the tragic mistake of reading on and caught your ramblings. To answer your question, I think Obama's idea of flying drones over America is an awesome one…so long as the drone is targeting your house. If he blew you away he'd be doing all of us a favor. As for you Anthony, you calling me brainwashed is laughable and highly hypocritical. And thank you, sincerely, for the wusification line. You have put into text what I think is at the core of so many of these arguments…you equate owning a gun to being a tough guy. Ok tough guy. Cling on to your guns just like Obama said. Go ahead and keep proving his ignorant statement right. Grab your bushmaster and blow Bambi's head off. Color me sufficiently intimidated by you manliness…oh, mighty gun toting bad ass."