Question: Hey, what do the Rangers and the Titantic have in common?
Answer: Nothing, so shut the fuck up.
But if you wait about two weeks, you'll see the joke appear on Facebook that both the Titantic and New York Rangers sit on the bottom of the Atlantic.  (currently this joke is featuring the Flyers)
If Dan Bylsma started a meth lab in the bottom of Consol, the Pens wouldn't have half the problems the Rangers do.
In the past, the Rangers were tough to play against.  They are laughable now.  The Pens shut them down with ease on Saturday afternoon. 
Marc-Andre Fleury was solid, and the Pens defense was as good as it has been all season.
Great stat here:
Bruins come into town tomorrow.  Game is like in eight minutes.
Recap of this one after the jump….
Good stuff on the radio side.  The old 29er was on ice level.  So was Bob Errey:

Pens have been doing Half the Take for awhile now.  The pot is getting bigger though:
Heard that on Tuesday the pot got up to 25k.  Today it was like 32.  The winner took home 16k.

First Period

Really liked the D pairings.  Letang-Eaton, Orpik-Martin, and Depres-Niskanen.
Crosby and King Henrik started with a mexican stand off.  Henrik won as Crosby tried to sneak a pass to Letang.
Beau Bennett got the Pens off and rolling with a snipe past Lundqvist 90 seconds in.
Great overall play by TK and Dustin Jeffrey to chip the puck to Bennett. 
The first period was all Penguins, all the time.  The Rangers were just a disaster.
A little bit later Crosby drew a penalty. 
Even grandma was in awe. h/t to  
Pens powerplay was so in sync, but they couldn't beat Henrik.  The only reason this game was close was because of the King.  The Rangers lone chance basically occured when Despres got whistled for an elbowing call that wasn't an elbowing call.
Pens killed it.  Rick Nash has showed more intensity at buffets than he did on that powerplay.
Crosby and friends started to go off again.  They peppered Lundqvist and buzzed all period, but couldn't get anything.
Giradi, who punched Crosby earlier in the period, started being a dick again.
Period ended with both players going to the box.

Period breakdown

The Good: The Penguins held the Rangers to just 4 shots.
The Bad: N/A… Pens got out hit, but that was because they had the puck the entire period.
The Embarassing: Rick Nash.

Second Period

The Rangers couldn't have played a worst first period, so it was only natural that they were going come out flying.  And they did.
The Rangers had their best chance of the game about a minute in.  Orpik went to the corner for some reason and forgot to come back in front of the net.  Rick Nash kind of hung out for a little bit, but Fleury was there to make a huge save.
Bylsma didn't hesitate to call a timeout.
The timeout helped and the game settled down.
Mark Eaton had a great chance on a two-on-one but he fanned on it.  He'll bury that in the playoffs though.
The Rangers never really had a ton of great chances, but anytime it kind of got interesting around him, Fleury was business.
The pace of the game was fast and furious.  There were some big time collisons.  It was a typical hard-hitting Ranger/Pens game.
Bennett and Jeffrey almost hooked up.  It cannot be understated how much awareness Beau Bennett has.  So much skill.
Fats Nash takes a penalty.  Big time powerplay, but the Rangers PK showed up.
Tyler Kennedy looked like an eighth grader at some points during the powerplay.
Pens powerplay was good again, but the Rangers hold on. 

Period Breakdown

The Good: Thank god Orpik decided to wear a visor.
The Bad: Again, almost impossible to say anything bad about the Penguins game.  Tanner Glass is pretty questionable though.
The Embarassing: Rick Nash. 

Third period

The next goal in this game was imperative.  The Rangers almost got it, but Fleury made his best save on Hagelin after Hagelin cheesed Letang.
The Ranger started to plug up the netural zone, and then really started to take away Crosby's space.

Turning point

About five minutes into the period Tyler Kennedy did something good.  He picked a pass off and then made a nice a move to draw a penalty.
On the ensuing powerplay, the Pens first unit couldn't do shit. 
The second unit got their shot.  And there he was again.  After a Ranger lost his stick, the Pens moved the puck around to get their perfect shot.
They found Kennedy on the left board and set him up for a one-timer.  Legit goal.
Great pic here:
Hilarious Henrik fat head on the right.
If that goal didn't break the Rangers, the  one less than a minute later would.
Jeffrey and Dupes on a two-on-one.  Jeffrey to Dupes.  Upstairs. 
The rest of the third was all about resting up for tomorrow, getting Fleury the shutout, and making fun of the Rangers. 
All three happened.
Rangers are a mess.




— Beau Bennett is playing some type of hockey right now.
— Nice two assist day for Jeffrey as well.
— Big test against the Bruins again tomorrow.
— Pens are the highest scoring team in the NHL in the third period with 40 goals.


RECAP: All The Skies Are Gray. PENS LOSE

The Pens put themselves in a huge hole against a mediocre team and almost dug themselves out.  The third period was a great example of what the Pens can be, but against the Ducks it really isn't all that impressive.  Other than a three-goal burst, the Ducks really didn't do much.  Then again, it was a three-goal burst.



Hiller outplayed MAF, but it would certainly be a mistake to place the blame for this loss at the feet of Marc-Andre Fleury.  The offense is coming close to that "Maybe we should be worried" stage, and the defense wasn't good during the 3-0 run by the Ducks.


Next up?  A game in Phoenix against the Coyotes, who got wrecked by Dallas on Friday night.
Brandon V. and Brian Y.
Dupes almost beats Hiller right out of the gate on some strange bounce after a Crosby dump-in.
On the other end, MAF makes a save on the first shot.  We're not being dicks.
A good start for MAF, looked comfortable in net.
Anaheim crowd treated this game like it was a retirement match.
Crosby and Getzlaf have some words.
You're welcome for that gold medal, dick.
No clue at all why this is the top story on
"Can't miss"?  Umm, yeah it really wasn't a big deal.
The Ducks are assholes.
Engelland and Parros go for a dance.  Parros knocked Engelland down, but no punches really.
Engelland isn't a afraid of any man.  Huge balls to dance with Parros.
Great dive by Cory Perry after Z bumps him from behind.
So hard to be an NHL ref.  No way Perry should go down that easy, but it looks like a penalty, so it is.
Pens kill the penalty.
Adams almost scores shorthanded, but he waited two hours to shoot the puck.  He had Hiller down.
"Ginger rockin' an Adams jersey in Anaheim.  I'm drunk."  — TK
Malkin and somebody had a nice two-on-one; sick curl-and-drag move.  Hiller says no.
Pens get a powerplay for some reason.
FSN should just show commericals. Rough.
Late in the powerplay, Mike Comrie went back for a puck and just got outworked behind his own net.  Embarrassing.
Letang and Orpik hit posts.
Period recap: Pens hit two post.  Ducks are assholes.
Save yourself from reliving the second period and just watch this:
"Thriller" gets overplayed around Halloween for obvious reasons.  What a song, though.
Anahiem gets caught with too many men, and the powerplay comes limping out onto the ice.  One positive is they actually put players where they are supposed to go, meaning two defensemen at the point, Kunitz and Crosby in front, Malkin on the half-boards. This has to be the setup the rest of season.  IT HAS TO BE.  
The powerplay has a chance or two, but the top line can't do shit.
The second unit comes out, and Letestu storms down the right side, unleashes a perfect shot off Hiller's pads.
Mike Comrie has a wide-open net, but some asshole Duck gets his stick in there.
The Pens had a bunch of good shifts, but Hiller is solid.
You don't bury your chances, you pay.  Simple as that.
The Ducks then made the Pens pay.  Bobby Ryan beats MAF.  1-0.
The defense then falls apart.  Turnover city.  MAF gets put on a clothesline.  2-0.
Horrible defense by Brooks Orpik on that play.
Almost wish Therrien was still around to put him on the fourth-line wing after something like that.
Jay Caufield talked about this on the postgame show, too.
Why would you chase the guy behind the net?
All Getzlaf has to do is beat Kennedy.
Difficult to watch, especially if you saw it coming a mile away.
Sac Koviu makes an appearance after some more Pens mistakes. 3-0.
Clowns out in full force in Anaheim.
Byslma calls a timeout.
Pens get a powerplay. Letang gets a shot on net.
Crosby's stick is down.  Goal city. 3-1.
What was Jonas Hiller flipping out about after that goal?
At the end of the period, Pens get a faceoff in the Ducks' zone.
Crosby wins it forward, and the puck lands on Malkin's stick.
Big save by Hiller.   Malkin has been bitten by a snake man.
Period Recap: Tons of chances.  Can't score.  Ducks did.  Can't fall behind like this on the road.
First goal was scored at 7:35 of the second period
See you Sunday
Lady has a Stanley Cup patch on a yellow jersey?  Thanks for playing.
The Pens had the momentum for some reason. Probably because the Ducks are garbage.
Finally the Pens get a bounce after a Letang shot is saved by Hiller.  Ducks can't control it.  Crosby finds it.
After that, it is all Penguins for the rest of the period pretty much.  Tons of chances.  Hiller resets and bu
Tyler Kennedy gets massacred by Bobby Ryan.  Brutal hit.
Under ten minutes to play, and Teemu Selanne gets called for a terrible penalty.  But we'll take it.
Powerplay can't do anything anyway.
Kunitz takes a bad penalty to even it up.  Still no powerplay goals in the third period.
MAF has to make a huge save on an odd-man break after a Letang turnover.
If the Pens tie it, that goes down as a game-definer.  what
If we said this past off-season that we wanted Selanne, he is fast as shit.
For all of Letang and GoGo's skill, they just have some shitty things happen to them.
The more experience they get, the less it will happen.
The Penguins load up and get some big chances.  Malkin just can't score.  Slump city.
Pens pull MAF.
Mike Rupp and Tyler Kennedy were on the ice when MAF went to the bench.  Just a sign of the times right now.
Hiller makes one last save on Malkin.  Puck gets cleared after that.  Ducks end up with it.
Game. Letang is really making strides. Jumping up in the play and shit. Corey Perry is troll. FSN Fail:
Or Comcast fail.
Game in 8 minutes.
go pens