RECAP: Wake and Bake. PENS WIN.
This game was like being late for work, showing up without anyone noticing, then powerbombing whatever work you had to do and Mike Green at the same time.  Pens looked dead in the water for most of the first. The Caps even scored the first goal. But Malkin tied it up, and then Adam Oates went emo on his goaltenders.
There used to be a time when playing the Caps was a benchmark for where the Pens stood in the East. Now, you just want the games to be over with because you feel bad for them. 
Big tests coming up this weekend against a real NHL team. Pens/Devils back-to-back Saturday and Sunday. 


News broke a half-hour before the game that Letang was gonna be out of the lineup.
Probably ran out of Pert Plus.


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Pens came out guns blazing early. Pretty sure they changed lines while on the forecheck.

The Caps started their shit. Big hit by Ovie down deep freed a puck. He threw it in front, and some joke puts it on net. MAF got hit by a cannonball apparently. Looked like Orpik got his stick up under MAF's mask. Ribeiro puts it into an empty net.

2012-2013 rulebook:

That's a goal.

Does that one dude have on a collared shirt under his jersey? Looks like a Sykora jersey, so he is probably a great guy.


Alzner went to the box later because he completely sucks. Pens couldn't get set up.

The only time the Caps threatened all game was when Ovechkin was on the ice. He did a curl and drag and had MAF leaning the wrong way. Big save.

Rough first period for the Pens. Looked like a repeat of last week's Isles game was coming,


The second period opened up with some good action. Pens were carrying the play, though. There was jump there, but they still seemed in a daze. Shit didn't get fun until about five minutes in.

Alzner was going to the box for the second time when he interfered with Neal because he completely sucks. Malkin took the left half-boards for whatever reason. Crosby found him. Snipe.
Neuvirth was unrealistically deep in his net. Malkin was all kinds of jammed up after the goal.


The goal woke up the Pens. Caps went into metldown mode.
Ovechkin was still running around. He went high on a hit to Tanner Glass.

Crosby and Dupuis had a 2-on-1. Dupuis waited until the Apocalypse to shoot, and it squeaked through Neuvirth, who was deep again.


No clue what Mike Green's main objective was on that play.

Adam Oates decided it was time to pull Neuvirth. Quick hook. Maybe the worst coaching move of the season thus far since Holtby got lit up by the Pens on Sunday. Adam Oates looks clueless.
The Pens were in Bylsma System mode, and it was working, drawing penalties. Later, Joel Ward threw it into the stands for some reason, so the Pens were back on the PP.

Neal goal.


Neal scores like every game. Didn't even have time to celebrate that goal because the Pens scored again 11 seconds later. Sutter to Cooke on The Neal Play™.


The Caps quit after that. Jesus, what even happened? Hamrlik is god-awful. He interfered with Dupuis.

Crosby then got stoned by Holtby on some nice save. 3 seconds later, Malkin took a shot, and it bounced off some guy. Crosby went hard to the net. Goal city.

Unbelievable hand-eye coordination. When Crosby is scoring dirty goals, you know he is on his game.



The Pens went into their third-period shell. A.O. started running around like a pyschopath. He scored on Fleury.


Caps had a bunch of chances after that actually, but Fleury made a couple nice saves.  Bortuzzo lit AO up, but it was a penalty.
Caps finished the game on the powerplay. 




– Have to say it.  Paul Martin looks good on the top power play. Get To Our Game recently took an in-depth look at Kris Letang. Definitely worth a read.
– Boychuk. 11:38 of ice time.
– Heard the Pens played some Cookie Monster vid when Cooke scored.
– Bortuzzo with another solid game. A little more polished offensively than we thought. Overall he looks really good.
– Why is AO's hair gray?

– Malkin very good in the faceoff circle.
– Via MJan: Following Sunday's game, On Frozen Blog expressed their depression in the Caps.