RECAP: Turn off those fancy, new MSG lights. PENS WIN.

Have to find a middle ground on how to feel after this weekend. Pens start 2-0, while their division rivals the Flyers and Rangers both start 0-2. It is way too early to start jerking off about a quick start.
Normally starting off 2-0 means little. But in a 48-game season, it means something. What we as Pens fans feel right now is even better when seeing pictures like these:
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Pretty sure the Rangers fans booed the anthem singer.  They made a lot of noise during the actual anthem, too. Great battle off the faceoff. Bylsma made the decision to start Glass on top unit with Malkin and Neal. Torts countered by starting Asham.

The Rangers fans were on the edge of their sacs ever ytime Nash touched the puck in the first few seconds of the game. Nash looked to make something happen, but Malkin ripped him of the puck.
Malkin was then able to throw the puck up to Neal, and Neal drew a penalty on Brad Richards and his stupid teeth. There were bodies everywhere. 
Pens PP doesn't waste any time. Malkin finds Neal on the old Whitney play.™
A little back-and-forth after that.  Crosby had Letang swoop in after a turnover, but the puck basically disappeared after Letang shot it. Marc Staal destroyed Malkin's ribs at one point. Dirty.
Despres went off for holding. Then Sutter went off for a bizarre new faceoff infraction rule. No time went off the clock, so it was gonna be 2 minutes of 5-on-3.
Rangers put one home.
Nothing anyone could do.
Pens had the option and decided to bring Sutter out. Pens killed the rest. Huge.
The Rangers started to build momentum but then the Penguins took it away.
TK-Vitale-Cooke put one in after another Tangradi "shift."  That's how you score a goal in the NHL. Great work by Vitale.  TK cleans it up.
That is just a brilliant move by Vitale. Also, Simon Despres all this possible with a sick pass.
Lovejoy puts that pass in the stands and kills someone.
People way too harsh on Despres in our opinion. Have to take the good wth the bad.
Glass had a chance later coming down the slot. Big stop by Lundqvist.
Then another big faceoff win led to another goal. Sid wins it as clean as it gets back to Nisk. He throws it to the net. Hits something.
Cooke took a bizarre penalty late in the first.
Despres had a pretty rough first period other than that nice pass. Nothing you can do with a rookie D-man.


Pens had to kill off the rest of Cooke's shit.  Pens started swarming the Rangers' net after that.

Pens got a PP after a bit. First unit was amoeba hockey. Second unit jumped on, and the Pens scored on a rush. Lundqvist had to worry about Malkin. Easy alley-oop for Dupuis.


James Neal won't get an assist but he got the puck up to Kunitz while the Rangers were changing. Lundqvist headed for the showers. Great stat by the Pens radio team: this is the first time the Pens have ever chased King Henrik.  French Toast comes in to replace him.
The Pens completely took over the game for about nine minutes. Orpik murdered Boyle coming over the middle. Only weak points of the period were the shifts Tangradi took with Malkin and Neal. If you're going to be a top six forward in the NHL, you have to be better. Not being too hard on Tangradi at all. Huge difference between him and say a guy like Despres as far as progression goes.
The Pens didn't let up.  The lines were humming. Rangers fans were booing. It was glorious. The Rangers' lone sign of life was a nice dangle by Rick Trash. We were going to make a GIF of it. but we couldn't fit Nash in the screen. Vokoun saved it anyway. Nash got another quick chance, but Vokoun had that shit on lockdown.
Rangers paraded to the box late. Pens had a 5-on-3 for 800 minutes. Johnny Torts looked like he wanted to jump off of a building. Malkin was the keystone, blasting shots. Probably killed Ryan Callahan with a slapshot.


Rangers killed the 5-on-3 by blocking every shot. Too bad they didn't gain anything from it. After some shit, Neal and Malkin basically work their asses off, and the Rangers forget how to play D.  Malkin finds Neal home alone.


Hard to find a better combo in the NHL. Malkin and Neal are insane.

Crosby made some noise in the game. He just didn't score. He got tripped by Stefan then DDT''d him. Stefan got real excited about it.

You could tell with 10 minutes left in the third that the back-to-back was hitting the Pens. Rangers still had some energy, even though they were on a back-to-back, as well. They scored some goal to make it 5-2.

Pens got another powerplay. But it is sloppy. Malkin turns it over, and Rick Trash gets a goal. No one scores meaningless goals while trailing by 3 goals better than Rick Nash.

Rangers came alive but slowed down.

4-on-4 late. Biron pulled. Letang picks a pass off, then buries it.  6-3.


Everyone should've went into cruise control. Instead, Tim Kreider decided he was Rudy and tried to make some play. Orpik told him to calm down.



–Cooke hit some joke. Good to see.

–Don't mind four forwards on PP.  Should've had two D on the ice late in the game on Trash's goal, though.

–Crosby still finding his game. You can tell he is about to go off.

–Tangradi is really embarrassing.

–Another solid night in the faceoff circle for Suttertron.

–Big storyline is that they finally fixed MSG's lights.