RECAP: The American. PENS WIN.

If Paul Martin hadn't erased two years of disappointing play with his spectactular start to this season, a game-winning goal with under 3 minutes to play would've done the trick, too. Man, that is fucking huge. It's reminiscent of the big moments Sergei Gonchar used to provide.
But Martin wasn't the only hero on Hockey Day in America. Look no further than who was on the ice when Martin scored. The top line of Kunitz-Crosby-Dupes was a factor all game long. They helped tie the game and were on the ice for the winner. Crosby is settling in big-time, and Kunitz and Dupes are the perfect sidekicks.
Watching the Pens win in Buffalo is always rewarding. Buffalo fans are probably the biggest hidden assholes in the NHL.
It was a big win for the Pens for several reasons. Number one, they were able to stage a third-period comeback. Number two, they got more points on the road. 8-2-0 this year. Oh, and they've scored first in every road game.
Same format this week upcoming for the Penguins. Games Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Philly coming to CONSOL on Wednesday.



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If anyone is used to seeing things happen in the first two minutes, it is probably male Sabres fans.

Not even a minute in, the Pens were on the board. Dupuis worked a Sabre off a puck, Kunitz picked it up and shoved it to Orpik.  Dupuis got out to the front of the net and deflected it home.


Welp.  Right after that, Tyler Myers went off for a high stick.  19 seconds later…

Lindy Ruff took a poop on the bench.


It ended up being unassisted since Weber looked to have control of it somewhat before it crossed the line.

Sabres were stunned. It got even worst when Pommijoke took a penalty. But for whatever reason, the Pens took their foot off the gas. Buffalo settled down for a couple minutes and killed the Pens powerplay. Ryan Miller even decided to make a few saves.
The Sabres cashed in on momentum with Hodgson buying a house in front of MAF.


Malkin and Weber went off for some dark penalties.  Miller looked like he was finally settling in, had to make some saves on Crosby.

Ehrhoff took a shot to the freaking chest. Jesus.

Neal went off for something.  Pens killed it.

Vitale Dupuis Kennedy made some noise at the end of the first and set up the Pens with a PP.


Letang and Martin finally saw the points with about 40 seconds left on the PP, and that's when the PP saw their best chances.  Sabres killed it.
Crosby and friends had a big shift but couldn't do anything to Miller. Crosby took out his frustrations by taking a bad penalty.
Sid out, the Sabres on the PP.  Well, shit.  Then Tanner Glass went off for the handjob penalty.  Sabres couldn't hit
the net. But then they did.


Kunitz drew a penalty on a pretty weak call. Probably a makeup for that missed high stick to Dupuis' face.
Sutter got wrecked by McCormick.
A ton of missed calls both ways, or maybe they were just "letting 'em play."


The Sabres came hard out of the gate. Pens were on their heels. 
Glass and McCormick dropped the gloves.

Video: PensRyourDaddy
The Sabres scored about three minutes later. Steve Ott sucks so bad. He beat Fleury thanks to a lucky bounce.


Didn't really look good, but the Pens dug themselves out. Words will never do justice to the move and then pass Kris Letang pulled off setting up the goal.

Just a brillant move. Great finish by Dupes. Matt Niskanen made a subtle play to keep the puck in the zone on that shift.
The rest of the third was fantastic. Both teams had great chances, and MAF made some great saves. Ryan Miller lucked into most of his.
No penalties either way. Then Steve Ott started trolling. He crushed Kunitz with a big check. Kunitz responds how anyone else would, by hitting Ott in the head with his stick. The Pens went on the penalty kill and did the job. Great effort.
Ryan Miller then made what some people will say was a great save. It was marginial. On the play, Malkin and Crosby had a nice passing play, and Neal was the end game. Neal didn't get a ton on the shot, and Miller, who was beaten, basically got lucky.
Notice how none of the Sabres even go back to tap Miller's pads or anything? He just basically saved their lives, and they just skated away. That locker room is probably a disaster. He was pissed after the game.
But shortly thereafter the Pens ended Miller. The first line went to work. Number 7 came into the screen and wound up.

What a moment.  4-3.
Maybe the pic of the season.
Lindy Ruff was sick, and the Sabres were done. Pens fended off the late rush. After the horn sounded, Steve Ott started chirping Fleury and then got killed by everyone on the Pens.


– The powerplay goal from Crosby was changed to unassisted. That is the first time Crosby has had an uassisted power-play goal in his career. Credit the Pens radio network.
– Another elite effot from Letang
– Niskanen was fanatastic.
– Tyler Kenedy saw less than a minute more than Beau Bennett.  May be seeing TK as a healthy scratch soon.