RECAP: Suddenly Sutter. PENS WIN.


Mike Lange's calls from
The Eastern Conference's two top bananas got together, and it was fun to watch. We have a feeling we'll be seeing something similar in late May.
This was a big test for the Pens, and they passed, even without Evgeni Malkin. Hell, they did it without Crosby getting on the scoresheet, too. They erased a 2-goal lead in 4 minutes late in the third period and got a clutch performance from Darryl Sutter, who had the game-tying and game-winning goals.
The Pens have now won 6 straight and are playing at the highest level they have all season. Bylsma is pushing all the right buttons, as well. He sat out Despres and Bort for Engo and Eaton, and it worked. Despite falling behind 2-0, the Pens defense only got stronger. They were able to keep the wolves at bay long enough for the offense to wake up.
We'll leave this here:
Beau Bennett: 6 points, +7 in 12 games
Tyler Kennedy: 5 points, -2 in 27 games
Back in Toronto Thursday night.
Recap and the most disturbing photoshop of all time:



The Bruins started Anton Khudobin, which sounds like Qboda.
If his name sounded like Chipotle, this game would have turned out differently.

Bruins looked fresh to start out. Paul Martin broke out the moves and almost brought down the house with a goal.

The Pens got caught with too many men, so the Bruins got an early PP.  Chara with a blast from the point.


It was around this time that the first hints of a Capitals blowhorn could be heard on the radio side. Rumor has it Iceburgh was blowing the horn. Didn't know that was physically possible.
NBCSN showed Chara explaining to Engblom how to defend Crosby. Something about a low center of gravity. Crosby was on Chara Island all game, so it worked.

ROOT showed Phil Bourque during a quick segment, and it looked like surveillance footage. They went out of their way to not show Mike Lange. Yikes.

What a joke move by ROOT. We know the scoreboard is in the way. That's exactly the point.
BTW, this was caught on a satellite feed from Sunday night.

Bruins kept pissing off the Pens and scored again. Tyler Seguin this time.


Bruins goalie Khudobin was stopping everything the Pens' top line threw at him. Then he stopped Neal late in the period.
Jeffrey stunned that he didn't get the pass.

Andrew Ference threw a puck over the glass, and the Pens had about 1:30 of PP time at the end of the first. Nope.



Bruins killed the rest of the penalty, but the Pens were starting to knock on the door. Crosby made his first appearance with a nice pass to TK, who couldn't beat Khudobin. Then Martin gave him some trouble on a point shot.

Bruins answered with some looks on MAF, but then Marchand tripped up Eaton, so the Pens had another PP, and so the Bruins killed it.

The Pens spent the remainder of the period flirting with a goal but not getting anything. Pretty much like a week at summer camp. The Pens got Crosby away from Chara, but nothing was clicking.

It was looking bleak.

Sneaky solid game from MAF, though.



The Pens got hooked up with a couple of quick penalties against the Bruins. The second one was a high stick on Khudobin that gave the Pens a minute of 5-on-3 at the time. Julien didn't like Kunitz's reaction to getting hit in the face with a goalie stick:

Unfortunately, Julien's bitching had the refs looking closely at the Pens, and they eventually got called for something. All the penalties were killed.

Throughout the third, the Bruins finally started showing some fatigue from their second night of a back-to-back. Pens started winning more races to loose pucks. The game creeped past the 10-minute mark.

The Pens sustained from pressure, and Letang found Kunitz on a beautiful pass.

One-timer. 2-1.

Everyone, from those at CONSOL to people falling asleep at home, woke up. CONSOL turned into a frenzy. Kunitz's goal had thrown chum all over the ice, and the Pens were circling.

One minute later, Bennett-Sutter-Neal found themselves on the ice. Bennett jumps on a loose puck and turns on the jets into the Bruins' zone. Both Bruins defenders jump on his sac then jump on Neal's sac when Bennett dishes him the puck. All the while, Brandon Sutter had shaken off Milan Lucic on his way to the net. Sutter was wide open and had all day.


Usually when a team comes back like that, there's just a huge sigh of relief that the game had been tied, but it didn't feel like that in this one. Everyone was still hungry.

3 minutes later, Sutter picked off a stupid pass by Seidenberg and had all day again.


Pens put everything on lockdown for the rest of the game.




— Crosby's points streak was snapped. Nobody cares.

— Dupuis was plowing into Bruins all game.

— The mixing and matching of defensemen is probably no joke. Given the fourth line's mudness, rolling 7D right out of the gate in the dance may be something to look at.

— Sid had a rough go of it against Bergeron.

— Letang had 8 shots somehow.

— Pics: USA Today, Getty/AP