RECAP: Saturday in the Park. PENS WIN.

Bortuzzo afer his first NHL goal.
Again, same story as the last game against the the Rangers. There is a fine line in every game. Today it was Kris Letang actually deciding to shoot the puck.
The Pens were up 2-1 going into the third period. The Devils were piss all game but hanging around. Letang got the puck in the high slot, took his time, and sniped Brodeur. Pens rolled from there.
The Pens are a strange case. They have some issues up front, but we will say this: the defense looks better with Bortuzzo and Despres getting some minutes. Once Niskanen gets back, we can feel a whole lot better. They held the Devils to 15 shots, which made the day easy for Marc-Andre Fleury.
There is nothing better than beating the Devils.
Turn-around tomorrow in Washington is quick. 12:30. Pens have had no luck the last few years in Washington on Super Bowl Sunday.


Pens came out with a step on the Devils. Took a couple minutes, and the Pens drew a penalty. PP barely got set up :(. TK did some spin move and almost got eliminated.
9 minutes into the first, the Devils finally got a shot on goal.
Game didn't really have a flow. Crosby and Malkin were double-shifting for a while.
Crosby set up Dupuis with a chance, but he missed the net.
MAF made his biggest save of the game midway through. It was a big stop on Kovalchuck. That whole play was kind of awkward. Brooks Orpik whiffed on a check, and it was Kovalchuk one on one with MAF:
Rest of the period was ordinary.
Crosby took a penalty late. Pens lines were a real clusterfuck during most of the first.


Devils had a fresh sheet to play with on the PP. Pens killed it, and the Pens scored. Looked like Crosby initially, but it was Suttertron.

Letang had a big play later to nip a Devils' 3-on-1 in the ass. Letang may be the best skater blue line to blue line in the NHL. He prevents so many breakouts. His biggest knock right now is that he sucks on the powerplay.
Volchenkov, who we are big fans of, made even bigger fans of us when he coughed up a puck in his own zone. Kunitz grabbed it and buried it.


Chris Kunitz is the model top-six complement forward: get the puck to the right guys, score when you get a chance.
Crosby helped draw a penalty on Elias.  Didn't see a replay of it. Probably the first penalty replay ROOT hasn't shown all year. Elias may have had a gripe. Crosby called him a fucking idiot if you're into reading lips.
Pens PP looked terrible, then Andy Greene of all people scored a shorty.


Huge goal by Greene. And have to say it is an example of why Malkin should be on the point. Not because of anything other than Malkin is in the D-man's role in the Pens zone. He wasn't watching, Greene saw that, and snuck behind him.


First goal, if there was one, was gonna dictate where the game was gonna go.
Boychuk and Malkin had a 2-on-1. Boychuk decided to act a fool and, gasp, shoot. No dice.
Letang ended up got that first goal. Nice play all around. This is were Letang put it:
That is nasty.


Crosby was flying. The Elias chirping probably pissed him off. He had unlimited chances in the third, and then he was on a 2-on-1 with Dupes. Everyone in Pittsburgh yelled "shoot it" at their TV. So he did.
Best thing about Crosby. Remember when he missed high on that breakaway in New York? Well, he didn't miss this time.

Then the game went into a lull. Actually it was because Crosby wasn't on the ice. He came back on and fed Bortuzzo at the point. Bortuzzo puts all business into a slapper.


First goal of his career, and he deserved this. Bortuzzo is a stud. He played a brilliant game today. He may have made like five or six great breakout passes. He is going to be in the lineup every night.

Pens got some phantom PP late in the third.
Peace out, bro.


— Pens offense is still questionable. Tyler Kennedy was embarrassing today. Pens have one or two guys out of place. Hopefully when they make a deal they get a winger that plays with Crosby. This will allow them to move Dupes down to the third line.
— Does Matt Cooke serve a purpose right now?
— Boychuck did stuff.
— Bortuzzo continues to impress. 
— Pics: Dave Miller, USA Today, Getty, AP, stunned via @whetstonej
— Malkin's ice time well under 20, which is interesting.
— Neal only 14, as well.
— Martin playing big minutes. Solid effort. Confidence Index will go up if we see a solid game in Washington.
Go Pens. Go Niners.