RECAP: Preseason Game 2: Wings Roll.

This was a really bad game to watch. Borderline unwatchable really. Some Swede scored two great goals for the Wings. The Penguins looked out of sync.

Player Type

Hey, everyone, do the Penguins have a forward type? In case you didn't know, watching this preseason game revealed what the Penguins want in a forward. Omitting Kunitz, Sutter, Dupes, Jokinen, and Crosby, the Penguins basically had the seven same players:

Name Height Weight
Chris Conner 5'8" 190
Craig Adams 6'0" 197
Harry Zolnierczyk  5'11" 175
Dominik Uher 6'1" 199
Brian Gibbons 5'8" 170
Jayson Megna 6'1" 195
Nick Drazenovic 6'0" 192

If you are a mediocre North American hockey player between 5'8" and 6'1", Pens training camp is the place for you.

By the way, those seven players are awful. Craig Adams is really the only person we'd take on an NHL roster, but even those days are beginning to wane.

Engelland and Despres pairing:

— "The Pens are be decked out in their home black." So good to hear Mike Lange's voice again.

— Another wrinkle involved in hybrid icing: the whistles will come a few seconds quicker, which means tired players stuck on the ice lose a couple extra seconds to regroup. Could make all the difference.

— Pens looked sloppy. Crosby had some turnovers.

— The CW did what they could.

— Jussi Jokinen looked good all around.

— Steigerwald had some gems and refused to acknowledge any Penguin miscues.

— Zolnierczyk brought some life to the game.

— Good seeing Paul Martin again.

— Pens are headed to Chicago Thursday or something.