RECAP: The LOLs of March. PENS WIN.

When you think of this game, this screenshot is all you need:

Butthurt. He was having a great night. In two minutes, he went from getting a boner and running home to check Pension Plan Puppets,to getting trolled in his favorite team's building by a little boy.


The Penguins, most notably the first line, can't lose right now.
It is surreal to watch.
This game was a snore fest until about four minutes left when the Pens broke Leafs Ben Scrivens, and then it was just hilarious.
Third-period comebacks are good.
The 7-game winning streak is great.
Watching the life get sucked out of the ACC is just awesome.
And at the risk of sounding like the biggest fanboys of all time, the best thing to watch right now is Sidney Crosby.
First offm he made a pass that was completely unrealistic on the game-tying goal. Then, on the GWG, he broke up a Phil Kessel pass, sped up the ice, and took two defenders with him, giving Dupuis all the room in the world. He made Dion Phaneuf look the dumbest he's ever looked, and that is saying something.
Biggest question going into this weekend isn't whether or not the Pens will get points. It will be everyone wondering if it is too early to start chanting MVP at Sidney Crosby. The Rangers' shitshow on Saturday and the Bruins on Sunday, both at CEC.
Let's all laugh at the Leafs in the recap:


It was a whistle fest for the first couple minutes, then business picked up. Letang and Kessel exchanged looks coming down the alley, but neither could put it in the bank.

Then the teams exchanged power plays. Everything was killed.
Orpik debuted his visor.

There was a shift toward the end of the period where Crosby may have set up every other Penguin on the ice with a scoring chance. Come on.

As Mike Lange said, there wasn't much to write home about in the first period.
Leafs won the shot battle, 9-6.



Pens got a power play in the first half of the second. That was killed.

Just as the game slipped past the halfway mark, something happened. Kessel had more patience than Becker and set everything up that led to Bozak having an easy lay-up. 


Komarov went off for holding, so the Pens' PP had a chance to answer. Nope.




Marc-Andre Fleury did what he needed to do in the third period and all game. He shined and made several great saves to keep the Leafs at bay. Leafs should have been up like 4-0. 


At no point was this a really great game. But the last 8 minutes made up for it.
The Pens were one play away from tying the game, and they got that play from their first line. Again.
Crosby took a pass from Kunitz and made a no-look, behind-the-back pass to Dupuis right on the doorstep. 1-1.
Pink Floyd stunned
But the celebration of the pass was short-lived because Brooks Orpik and his visor took a penalty. Pens killed it, though. Fleury made some big saves. Phil Kessel sucks.
Orpik had a rough third period. After coming out of the box, he tried to get a shot off from the left point. His stick broke, and the puck went to Leo Komarov. He had a breakaway from 130 feet out. Fleury didn't flinch. Huge save.
And then the Pens would win it…
Two minutes later, Crosby broke up a Kessel pass that resulted in a 3-on-2 with Kunitz carrying the mail. Kunitz waited for Phaneuf and some other idiot to follow Crosby. Dupuis sat down in the slot and deposited some money in Ben Scriven's mouth. 2-1.
Dion Phaneuf is still really confused.
Up 2-1, the Pens buckled down. Orpik took a late a penalty with 22 seconds left.  Only good thing was the Pens didn't have to worry about icing when clearing the puck.
Pens quickly got control of the puck, though. Craig Adams hit one fron way downtown. 3-1.




– Snore.