RECAP: It’s a Powerplay Goal. PENS WIN.

Fine line between winning and losing in the NHL. Special teams are usually on that line. If you can find a big goal on a power play at some point, whether you are up by one or down by one, you're going to win games. Pens did that in this one. They got the PP goal when they needed it and moonwalked out of MSG with a 3-0 win.
Huge stat: this was the Pens' first shutout in MSG in 16 years.
Tomas Vokoun was everything he needed to be.
Last year the Penguins don't get this win with Brent Johnson.
Overall the game was pretty boring. But a win was imperative after the egg they laid on Tuesday. Rangers must have sold their soul to the devil to get Rick Nash.  Actually, maybe they traded their soul away.  Without Dubinsky and Anisimov, the Rangers don't seem to match up with the Pens as well anymore. Sucks to suck.



Mike Lange said Andy Hilbert was Crosby's best winger on the radio side. Had to make the jump to the radio because Steigy is insufferable.
Pens came out with some balls. Despres started his big night by keeping a puck in the zone and dishing to Malkin. It's in the back of the net before Henrik LOLundqvist knows what to do.


Jeffrey looked decent with Malkin and Neal all game.
Rick Nash is a baby and takes a penalty. The powerplay didn't look too bad. Rangers had a few shorthanded chances, though. Overall nice PP. 
Rangers get a powerplay after the Pens have a terrible line change. Pens killed it.
At the end of the period, Malkin and Staal battled, and both went off. Just some good hockey there. Two massive human beings going toe-to-toe. 


Dan Girardi gave Sid a shove after the play and went to the box. Pens had a 4-on-3 PP then a 5-on-4. No dice. Then the Rangers started making some noise.

Matt Cooke was offside 20 times then took a penalty. Tough season for Matt Cooke right now. Looks like he has lost his purpose.

Del Zotto took a penalty to end that PP.  Pens' eventual PP was mud. Rangers got a big-time shorthanded chance, but Rick Nash sucks. 

Sid and Koon had a 2-on-1, and Koon got horse-collared, so the Pens got a PP. Nothing on that, either. Crosby was getting in Lundqvist's kitchen. At least the powerplay was generating chances at that point.

Pens were going to the box right after that.  Game just couldn't get into a good rhythm. Rangers had some good looks on that PP. Vokoun was making big saves.

Professional performance by Vokoun.

Crosby had a breakaway for like 4 minutes at the end of the period. He tried to pick the corner, but not in the King's house. You could tell Crosby was pissed.

Turning point of the game may have occured at the end of the period when the Rangers took a too-many-men penalty.

A fresh sheet of ice awaited the Pens' power play.


The third frame featured two of the biggest goals of the season thus far. The first was from James Neal. The Penguins wasted no time on the powerplay, with Malkin found Crosby at the point. Before the puck was even on his stick, Crosby knew where he was going.  Scary that the little look he gave Kunitz made Girardi shit his pants.  Instead, he shot it at Neal's stick. Neal's deflection was disgusting:


The game was far from over. But, God, what a much-needed goal.

The next goal was a lesson in having a young defenseman. Simon Despres was having a decent night, but then he had about 8 minutes of hell.

It started with a terrible turnover to Brian Boyle. Vokoun saved it. Then Despres took a penalty. At that point, the Rangers were a goal away from triggering a Chernobyl meltdown. It almost happened too, but the Rangers hit the post. The puck gets cleared, and Dupes chases it down with unrealistic speed. He flips it to the middle of the ice, where a Penguin is all alone.

All that can be seen is a "7," so it looks like Crosby. He goes backhand, and down goes the King.


What a goal by Cro…..waiiiit what?

That was Simon Despres.

Goal of the season thus far.

Turn out the lights.

Stunnnnned. Via Matty L.



— Basically if Crosby, Malkin, or Neal don't score in a game this season, the Pens may not win.

— Jeffrey > Tangradi

— Excited to see Boychuk.  Hope he doesn't bump Jeffrey.

— Minus falling over the blue line once, Bortuzzo was fine.  Didn't notice him, which is good.

— Paul Martin owns MSG.  Needle doesn't move on the Confidence Index.

— If Ben Lovejoy sees the ice again this season, it'll be because somebody died.

— Pics from USA Today