RECAP: Hold on to your butts. PENS WIN.

The Pens could be 0-81, and a win in Montreal would be huge. The Pens stunned the 21K+ Habs fans with a thrilling OT win in one of the crazier, more entertaining games you'll see.
The win doesn't excuse the semi-mess this team is right now. The defense is as bad as it has been all season. Tomas Vokoun doesn't even appear to know what is happening, and he started over the franchise goaltender. Right now, despite being in the hunt for the Eastern Conference's number-one overall spot, they just don't seem like a team that could go deep in the playoffs. Some of these issues have been around since before Geno went down.
But while the Penguins are a bit of a mess, it is all changeable. One or two personnel changes turns that all around. But the first way to fix a problem is admitting you have one. A lot of pressure on Dan Bylsma and GM Ray Shero over the next month to find some pieces.
Or Paul Martin, Evgeni Malkin, and Marc-Andre Fleury didn't play in this game, and we could just ignore it. The Pens got a crticial two points,and stopped a two-game losing streak. What a game. 



A French Poodle sang the anthems:

TK got destroyed by some guy:
We can say without question TK played the worst game we've ever seem him play.
The pace to the game was insane.
Big conversation before the game about whether or not it was a good idea to start Tomas Vokoun. Seemed he had a good GAA in Montreal. But those stats are meaningless.
The Habs got on the board first. Brooks Orpik had a really, really tough night.
Pens came back with some good scoring chances.
That was about the time Habs fans started their cheers and boos trying to buy every call.
After commercialtoberfest, Pens got a PP when Plekanec's mock turtleneck hooked up Sid. Best chances missed the net. At the end of the PP, Pens got a great bounce, and Sutter dunked it in. 1-1.
From the foreshadowing department, Sutter probably was the best Pens player on the ice in the first period. He was everywhere.
Dupuis took the most obvious penalty since the lockout late in the period.


From the second period on, the game was basically every Royal Rumble ever.
The Pens had a ton of chances, but nothing was falling.
The Habs struck again. Hope Orpik took orders from the Pens bench before he went out to lunch. 2-1.
But the Pens were gonna threaten after that goal.
And they put a couple home.
First, Crosby and Kunitz did this:
Unreal coordination by Crosby to do that. Most people can't even eat breakfast without falling over.
Underrated bank by Kunitz to score yet another goal. 2-2.
The Pens with momentum is like some big-time singer on coke. 
The next shift, Cooke floated one to the net. 3-2.
Carey Price was awful. Good screen by James Neal.
It was all Penguins after that. The Habs took a penaltym and Michel Therrien was wishing he was still at The Meadows playing Blackjack. The Pens' powerplay didn't do anything.
But they would score again.
Cookie again.  4-2.
Pens basically put the Habs to sleep. The Belle Centre was silent. 
But the next three minutes were worse than every U2 song ever.
And the hell all started with a Tyler Kenedy penalty. Just awful.  To be fair, the Pens actually killed the penalty, but the Habs scored only three seconds after it expired. Brian Gionta with a nasty deflections. 4-3. Piss.
Habs weren't done, though. The Pens' fourth line got stuck on the ice late in the period. With about 8 seconds left, they iced it. On the ensuing faceoff, the Habs got control. No one covered P.K. Subban. Buzzer beater.
Brutal ending to a period the Pens owned.


Usually when the Pens give up a late tying goal in Montreal, the Habs score early the next period. True to that, some turd scored for the Habs about six minutes in.
The Habs have some new goal song that you will hear in your sleep.
Good teams find a way to respond, and that is exactly what the Pens did.  Led by Kris Letang, the Pens circled down low. Letang found Crosby, who spotted Kunitz high.
Price was wrong.  
We've been critical of Letang, but what we are coming to accept is that Letang can't be caged. He plays like he is the horse in "War Horse." Yes, it is out of control, but it will pay off from time to time. It did on that tying goal, and then it paid off again for the go-ahead goal.
Letang stormed the zone, and basically willed the puck to come to Crosby.  Crosby buries it.  6-5.
Great breakdown of Crosby on that play from the CBC's feed:
Big-time goal. Too bad the good feeling lasted like 8 seconds. Brian Gionta responded almost right away. He put a harmless shot on Vokoun, and it blew right by him. Hard to relate to Tomas Vokoun right now.

The Last 8 minutes

Probably the most important 8 minutes of the Penguins season up to this point. Having to get at least a point and with their goalie playing like a complete dick, the Pens were up against it.

It could've been even worse. Tyler Kennedy figured he'd add to his awesomley bad game by taking a really dumb penalty. Huge, huge, huge kill by the Pens PK. If the Habs would have scored ,Vokoun may have retired.

The Pens got one last shot in a wild back-an- forth final minute. Mark Eaton had a slapper all lined up, but he missed wide. Would've been one of the greatest goals in franchise history.



One thing Mike Lange always says is that OTs are usually decided early or really late.

This one was decided early. The Penguins broke out of the zone less than a minute in. Despres found Suttertron storming down the slot. Game was probably over as soon as Sutter got the puck.

Carey Price didn't even try.






– We're still recovering.
– TK. Come on.
– Mark Eaton has given Bylsma and Co. something to think about.