A four-game sweep in which the Pens scored two goals. No one saw this coming. It wasn't supposed to go down like this. But it did, and the questions will burn all summer long. And the worst part is we're all gonna have to wait another 11 months to see if the questions have been answered.
Regular-season production and stats have become meaningless. These past two playoff years, the Pens have been front and center in two of the most bizarre statistical anomalies we all may ever see. Last season, the Pens were burned by their goalie producing the worst GAA since 1994 and the team having the worst playoff penalty-killing percentage of all time. This season the opposing goalie in the Pens' swan-song series produced a .985 save percentage. It was one of the worst displays of offense in any playoff series EVER.
The season is over, and not even God knows what's going to happen in the upcoming offseason.
Until then, the last recap of the 2013 season:


Iginla-Sutter-Morrow got the start.
The Pens got the first period they wanted. Just working it shift by shift. They didn't give up a goal, which was awesome.
Everything was playing into their hands because Lucic then took an idiotic penalty.
The power play looked like the Hindenburg.
It didn't help that Crosby got blindsided during the PP.
Kunitiz had a great chance on the doorstep, but Rask and the Bruins were once again one step ahead and cleared it.
Crosby was all kinds of jammed up after shot from Paille. He had a partial breakaway, but of course a Bruin got his stick on it.
The Bruins got a power play when the Boston bench cried about the Pens having too many men.
Tomas Vokoun did everything he needed to do, and the Pens killed it.
NBC then went into memorial mode for Gregory Campbell.
Jarome Iginla was a mess in his defensive zone. Ultimate foreshadowing.
The Bruins' transition game was humming along as usual.  Penguins started to show signs of major frustration.


The game opened up and closed up a few times in the second. The Bruins were in complete control of that for some reason.

Malkin again created two great scoring chances. He just missed on a spinning shot:

Just so close, it hurts.

Malkin came right back with another chance. It was a low shot on Rask that forced a rebound. Letang just missed getting his stick on it.

Puck just jumped over his stick. Unreal.

The teams traded power plays with Marchand going off at one point and then Brenden Morrow.

The game opened up. It was a matter of which goalie would blink first.


It was first goal wins, and everyone knew it.
5 minutes in, the Bruins started the final march to the death of the 2013 Penguins.
Brad Marchand was just unbelievable in this series. His trolling aside, he set up the Bruins time and time again. He entered the Penguins' zone and backed up.
Look at the confusion by the Penguins. Engelland rushes him for some reason, and so does Iginla.
Shockingly bad defense from Iginla. He overcommits even more toward Marchand.
McQuaid sneaks in the backdoor and gets a great look:
What a shot. 1-0.
And the countdown began. Every minute, the Penguins would push, and the Bruins would build their wall around Tuukka Rask. The Bruins were in harmony; the Penguins were the fat kid forced to sing by all of the grade-school teachers.
Tick tick tick. The season starts to flash before your eyes.
The lockout.
The winning streak.
The wild night when they got Iginla.
Crosby's jaw.
Murray. Morrow. Jokinen.

5 minutes left

Crosby and Malkin tried everything. Sometimes great players get shut down.  
Vokoun starts looking to the bench.

Empty Net

With Vokoun pulled, the Pens get a glorious chance. Crosby to Malkin.

Fucking Chara, man. What a play.

The last shot

The Penguins had one shot left. And of course it was Jarome Iginla because it was gonna make the series win that much sweeter for Boston. Rask snared it.