RECAP: Game 9. Pens lose 1-0.

A game like this is actually a good thing.
Because the Pens have several months to think about it.

It felt a lot like almost every game in the Boston series. But instead of having like eight minutes to figure it out, the Pens still have a lot of time to look over why they get shut down against really good teams.

It also could've been just one of those games where a goalie refused to be beaten. The rise of the Colorado Avalanche is the story of the season thus far, and the Pens were in the way of that buzzsaw.

Pens are now off until Friday. Probably gonna see Letang back in the lineup.



First Period

Story of the first (and pretty much the entire game) was the Pens' power play vs. the Avs' penalty kill. That first matchup came when the Avs took a penalty less than a minute in. Crosby was all jammed up. And he faked some dude out of his soul:

Note the block there by Landesshlong. Avs blocked like a million shots. Saw some stat where the pens had attempted 30-some shots in the first period. Some were blocked, some missed the net, and some were stopped by Giguere.
The Penguins would go on to have unlimited powerplays in the first. Giggy was all business. He robbed Crosby three times, twice coming down the left wing with Crosby looking to go top cheese. Guenin stopped from Malkin from a goal on the doorstep late in the period.
The Avs were out of sync because of the penalties. Only reason Patrick Roy didn't take a hostage was because of Giggy.

Chris Conner terrible play of the period

Nothing like a shift-killing mis-read on this:

Second period

Everyone knew a penalty against the Pens was coming.
It came when Malkin got called for goalie interference as he almost scored.
The teams traded penatlies again with Landeskog and Adams taking turns going to the box.
After the Avs killed it off, Landeskog sprung out of the box and scored a bizarre goal. 1-0.
The Avs then went into Boston June 2012 mode, and everyone started having Nam flashbacks.

Chris Conner terrible play of the period

A giraffe would be a better forechecker…


Third Period

Sutter and Jokinen had an elite chance, but it somehow didn't go in. 

Chris Conner terrible play of the period

So you're telling us there isn't a better option in the Pens' organization?

Then Conner drew a penalty for being terrible. Erik Johnson mauled him and got called for it. Penguins had an emotional huddle before the PP, but the Avs didn't care. Killed off again.
The Avs were dangerously close to scoring a shortiew during the PP to take the air out of the building. Downie had a golden chance, but Fleury made pretty much his first save of the game. The Penguins got the puck right after that and came flying up the ice. Crosby found Kunitz, who was wide open after an Av fell down. Then Giggy did this:
After that save, you could've pretty much went to bed. But whatever.
Fleury kept the Pens alive down the stretch, making two great saves on some guy.
Pens tried a crazy trick play late. After winning a faceoff in their own zone, they snuck Chris Kunitz to the bench, and off the bench came Evgeni Malkin 20 feet down the ice.
Malkin couldn't catch the pass, but it was kind of a cool play.
With about 7:00 left…
Crosby lost his stick when it got caught in the net…
He came back to the bench, and no one had a stick ready for him, so he snatched Scuderi's from the end of the bench. Couldn't find any pics of him with Scuderi's stick, but here's Crosby giving it back to him at the end of the shift:
The Pens had a flurry of chances late, the best being a Malkin one-timer, but it just wasn't happening. Giggy was too good. Really weird game.



– Pens were 0-for-7 on the power play. It definitely contributed to Crosby's 26 minutes. 26 MINUTES. ALMOST 27.
– So Crosby and Malkin combined had more shots than the Avs. Okay.
– Did Matt Duchene play?
– Avs had 14 shots, by the way. 14 shots.
– Monday night game. Late start. No one at CONSOL left their seats until the final horn.
@anthraxjones being a dick in the recap pic.
– Pics: AP/Getty