RECAP: GAME 2. Pens win 4-1.

Holy shit, the Sabres are horrible. Sabres fans should light their jerseys on fire, probably with with themselves in it.

When someone told us Steve Ott was their captain, we honestly that it was a joke.

What a nightmare. No one from their organization can be happy about the effort they put forth Saturday night. The score was 4-1, and it could have been a lot worse, but Jhonas Enroth made a ton of great saves early and often.

The win puts the Pens at 2-0. Marc-Andre Fleury went 115 minutes without giving up a goal to start the season. Not exactly sure how the season could have gotten off to a better start. But we’re looking forward to the Pens playing an actual team. The Hurricanes are coming to town Tuesday night, so, welp.

For now, the recap:



The Pens had two great shifts back-to-back. The Sabres looked lost in their own zone. The Pens were cycling high and basically doing whatever they wanted.

It didn't take long for Crosby and friends to figure it out. On their second shift, more or less, Dupuis was wide open high. Crosby found him and then cut to the net. The puck found Crosby, and he buried it:


1. Tyler Myers had so much promise . What the hell happened?
2. Vintage Crosby goal. Just going hard to the net and putting the trash home. Everyone is joking about people being on pace for 82 goals blah blah blah. But Crosby might actually get the 82 goals.



Fleury had to make a nice save right after the Crosby goal. Might have been the only time the Sabres entered the zone.

After some jobbing around, the Pens got on the board again. Chuck Kobasew deflected a puck home.


Kobasew's first two games remind us of Dominic Moore's first month with the Pens. Get some points, play really well. Next thing you know, Kobasew will be traded for a fifth-round pick and then haunt the Penguins for two years.

Don’t laugh. It could happen.

The period ended with someone checking the pulse of the Sabres’ coach to see if he was still alive.


Jhonas Enroth was the only reason this game wasn't 7-0. He sparkled in the second. He robbed the Penguins countless times.

We hate to keep harping on it, but it is hard to believe how horrible the Sabres are.

Turning Point

The Sabres had two power plays in the second, and they couldn't do anything. The first penalty came when Sutter shot one over the glass. The Sabres did shit. Brooks Orpik wasn't great, but he did well on the PK. The fact the Pens can roll Martin/Orpik and then Scuderi/whoever on PKs is so huge.

The second penalty was a late penalty on Crosby. Let’s watch why Rob Scuderi is so good on this video:


It is just a basic isolation, and Scuderi doesn't do much. And that is okay. He keeps an eye on Vanek and makes sure he is nowhere around for that rebound. The Pens turned this play around, and Dustin Jeffrey got a good scoring chance from it.

Some highlights of the game in general for us:

1. Olli Maatta again. Just so steady. He is making it hard on the Penguins to send him back to Juniors. Every shot he takes hits the net. Have the Pens missed Letang at all?
2. Rob Scuderi is so solid to watch. Just makes all the right moves. He broke up a two-on-one at some point during the second, just subtly laying down to block the pass.
3. Tanner Glass didn't come off the ice it seemed. Give him credit, though. He didn't get sucked in to the Sabres head games.


This was going to be one of those games where you could see the Sabres scoring two bizarre goals and tying it up. But the Sabres didn't have that type of effort. They managed only 7 shots in the third. There were more shots at the Brewhouse up near Section 208.

The Penguins finally put things out of reach when Kunitz got awarded a penalty shot:

Via @harvardplayer


The Sabres woke up just long enough to get a goal and break Fleury's shutout streak. Craig Adams added an empty-net goal and is still on pace for 82 goals.


Pic from Penguins on Instagram

— There was a massive ovation for the Pirates, who were at the game. Really awesome.