RECAP: Game 15. Pens beat Blue Jackets 3-0.


Five biggest talking points from this game:

1. What will it be like for the Penguins when Malkin starts filling the net? He is snake-bitten a bit, but based on his career stats he starts picking it up in November.

2. Columbus isn't terrible. They just aren't ready to play with the big boys yet.

3. It is early, but if the playoffs started today, the Pens would be dancing with Montreal in the first round. If the Metro keeps going as it has been, the Pens will likely be facing an Atlantic team in the first round. Something to keep in mind.

4. Deryk Engelland has as many goals playing forward as Eric Tangradi did. Most people get jammed about seeing Engelland score. It is hilarious when players drop their balls on the haters. We'll be the first to admit we didn't know what to make of Engelland moving up to wing, so we've put on hard hats waiting for his balls.

When a guy who plays eight minutes is the number-one star, that basically tells you about the game.

5. All of a sudden, the Pens have won four straight, taking 6 of those points in the Metro and not giving any away, either.




Great atmosphere in Nationwide Arena. It could’ve been bumped up another level if the teams exchanged quick goals early or something. Instead, the Pens were peppering the McElhinney, while the Pens were keeping Zatkoff insulated from any Columbus pressure.

Not much to write on a blog about.

This may have been the biggest thing to happen during the first:

Pens had some PP time to work with at the end of the first. Letang made a great play at the end to get the Pens going the other way, but the Jackets shut everything down, plus the Pens were dead tired.
Jackets had 3 shots in the first, all coming in the first five minutes.


Everything picked up a little in the second.
And then the fourth line happened. Jeffrey battled, got it to Vitale. Engelland was left all alone in a sweet spot. Vitale got it to him. 1-0…


Things settled down, and the Pens were caught with too many men like Liberace. Pens killed it.
Umberger gave Letang the business, Letang returned the business, and both went off. Letang came back on the ice and set up Maatta for a great chance, but he couldn’t connect.
The action went back down the other way, and Jared Boll devastated Letang with a bulldog Davey Boy Smith would've been proud of. Pens looked like they were going in for the kill on that PP, but they couldn’t get it past McElhinney.


At one point the Penguins were outshooting the Blue Jackets 22-10.


Snorrreee….Own goal. 2-0.

Empty net. 3-0.



— Zatkoff gets credit for the shutout, but we're giving half of it to the Pens' play in their defensive zone. Pens will be in good shape if they can play like in front of him all the time. Maatta with 4 blocks.

— Still paging Pascal Dupuis. Pens are winning without production from the usual suspects, so it's not really an issue yet.

— Megna is probably another goal away from him and Bennett going into a steel cage for the right to play with Malkin, at least until Neal comes back. It's getting harder and harder to imagine Jokinen leaving Malkin's side.

— Pens only have two games this week.