RECAP: Found Some Goals In A Hopeless Place. PENS WIN.

So, this game was sloppier than a poop sandwich.
The most impressive thing was the performance of the Pens' team defense, compounded by the fact that they only played with five D for most of the game.  They blocked unlimited shots and got goal-saving plays from Letang and Engo.
The offense is still somewhat of a disaster. Aside from Crosby, Malkin, and Neal, no one is doing anything on the top lines to merit someone saying, "That there is a top-six forward."  The powerplay is really embarrassing, and that can be summed up in one sentence: James Neal is taking slapshots from the point.
What should we chalk up to rust?  When do we cross the line from rust into effectiveness/ineffectiveness?  No clue.



The news broke about a half-hour before faceoff: Daniel Affressdon was gonna be a scratch. They said he had the flu, but he probably sprained his eyes reading about how great he is.

Sens were in the Pens' mouths for the first 5 minutes or so.  Underrated saves by MAF to make sure this didn't turn into a bloodbath.

We were updated on Deryk Engelland's face:

There was another face we wanted to see, too: Sergei Gonchar. He was dancing and making moves all period.  Looks good.

Pens got on the board first.  They've scored the first goal in every game so far. Malkin made some dude look like an idiot and then entered the zone. He had two options. Pass to Tangradi, who was driving to the net, or pass to Neal. He chose wisely. Neal one-timed a shot past Mr. Anderson.


Pens had some power plays in the first, but we're trying to pretend those didn't happen.  The last one was funny because Geno did a pretty good swan dive to draw a call against Gonchar.  Huge play by Letang at the end of the period to chase down some dude on a breakaway.

TK had a great chance somewhere in there off a pass from Sid, but he flubbed the shot.

Worst news: Matt Nisaken left the first period with what looked like a knee injury. Hopefully it isn't long-term.




Crosby is finding his game. Saw flashes of the Crosby we've all come to know in this game.. Once both he and Malkin get locked in, it should be fun.

Contra went off for a hand job. PP was lol. Dupuis went off for Kunitzing. Matt Cooke had a breakaway. No clue. Killed.

Craig Adams and some dude had their own personal Royal Rumble in the corner. Refs let it go.

The Sens tied things up on a Malkin mistake. He tried for a cross-ice pass but didn't see the Pens were trying to change lines. Then he failed to break up the rush.  Almost looked like he let it go through his legs. Spezza had one shot, and MAF saved it. But some guy followed up.


Seems like any mistake Malkin makes, he pays for. We're still using the KHL's big ice as an excuse.

Mr. Anderson was still being solid between the pipes.  He stopped Crosby on a great chance at the end of the period.



The game putted along for a while, then shit started happening.  Controversial play came about halfway through the period when Erik Karlsson swooped in and put a shot on MAF.  It squeaked through him and was sitting on the goal line, but the ref blew the whistle for some reason.  That would've been rough.

MAF had to answer the bell to get the Pens to OT.  Joe Vitale made some bizarre pass backward right to a Sen, which led to one of the best scoring chances of the entire game.  Huge save by MAF.  That played developed into MAF having to make another save on a shot from the point.

Pens threatened a little but couldn't get a good look other than Malkin hitting the pipe.



Some good action on the 4-on-4.  Crosby had the game on his stick about halfway through.  No dice. Letang and Engo both made game-saving plays. Paul Martin closed the door by shutting some dude down.



Milan Michalek kicked things off and became the only person who didn't score. Spezza and LOL Turris put theirs in.  Neal, Crosby, and Malkin ran the table.


— Steiggy openly cheering for Eric Tangradi.  It is ROOT Sports after all, but eeeee.

— ROOT camera work was AWFULLLLLLLLLLLL.  Bizarre zoom-ins on players for no reason as they carry the puck through the neutral zone on a rush.  They had a hard-on for those corner cameras, too.  Waaaah.

— Waiting with bated breath for Niskanen news.