RECAP: Collateral Damage. PENS WIN.

Wednesday night, we were all treated to a great hockey game. Friday night, we got an ordinary one. No one would talk about this game ever again if it weren't for an apparent big-time injury to Evgeni Malkin. Malkin went crashing into the boards early in the third period. It looked horrible. 
This game had a good pace to it at the beginning, but Florida was on the second night of a Pennsylvania back-to-back. They looked like they were just waiting to die. And Matt Niskanen fired the shot that killed them. The Pens got another GWG from the defense this week. Two more points in NHL bank city.


Interesting reports by some folks on press row that Blues GM, Doug Armstrong, was in the house watching the game.

Dustin Jeffrey got a rare go. Was Joe Vitale hurt? Thought Vitale has been really good. What exactly does Tyler Kennedy bring in a situation like this that Joe Vitale doesn't? Also, strange that Vokoun didn't get the start in this game. But whatever.
The first period was like Twitter Parody accounts. It had its moments, but then it got really stupid and just kind of ended. Fleury was tested a few times because Letang was being a dick.
Literally nothing happene,d though. Did anyone else notice the guy in the orange?
Had to be the brightest shirt of all time. What a dick.


Fleury had to keep making saves because the Penguins were doing dick.

Solid effort from Fleury all game really. Looked good.

Tyler Kennedy was insufferable. Finally even Bylsma had enough:


Sucks to suck.
The Panthers finally got one past Fleury on some type of deflection. 1-0. Some puked named Mike Weaver scored.
Mueller's hair.
The Panthers really aren't good, but Justin Huberdeau is terrifying.
The Pens finally got a power play midway through the second, and they cashed in. Feels like Chris Kunitz scores every game. He took some big-time punishment from Mike Weaver in front. 1-1.
After Kunitz scored, Weaver elbowed him right in the face. Has to be a terrible feeling. Malkin did some bear wrap on Kuntiz to break it up. Weird night for goal celebrations.


TK celebrated his return to the game by missing a shot and then taking a crippling penalty: Equivalent of getting grounded by your parents then crashing your mom's car into your living room.
Pens killed the penalty. And then Malkin almost died.
Pens had to grab their sacs, though, because homas Kopecky got up in MAF's shit and took a penalty. Kevin Dineen was pissed.
Pens power play was decent. Letang put a puck right on TK's stick. He put it up into space.
So bad.
The Pens scored a little later, and it was over. Letang set one up perfectly for Niskanen. The Panthers' goalie, nicknamed Tthe Alien," phoned home.
Huge goal for Nisky. 2-1.
Florida began to wear down after the goal. The Pens kept good pressure up, and they were rewarded.
Dustin Jeffrey Alert. He took a Matt Cooke pass and beat the ALOLien. 
TK even screwed up the celebration
Florida simulated the rest of the game. 



RECAP: Collateral Damage. PENS WIN.

On a night where the Towels were twirling, the Pens stormed back from a 2-0 early hole to stun the Sabres and emo goalie Ryan Miller.  Matt Cooke had the game-winner, and the Pens got goals from Tyler Kennedy and DJ Jazz. The real story, however, won't be the Pens' comeback; it will be the injury Evgeni Malkin suffered after huge Sabres d-man Tyler Myers fell on his right knee.
Thoughts: Sabres got out to a 2-0 lead by outworking the Pens. Goalagainstski returned.
Goose may have played the worst period of his career in the first.
Paul Gaustad scored his 1,000th goal against the Pens.
dick atoned for the bad period with a really strong effort the rest of the game. He just can't hit the net. Which is the same thing we were saying, and still do sometimes, about Letang, so if anything we've got to be way more patient with Goose. Weber dude from Pittsburgh who plays for the Sabres is a jerkoff.  But, ma,n taking off our black-and-gold sunglasses, he is a physical defenseman. He tried to kill Malkin late in the first. didn't have a strong first period, but players coming back from injuries usually require games, not periods, to get back in the flow. He was starting to show some signs of getting it going, and then Tyler Myers fell into his knee.
Two ladies on the left know what's up. vomit. Jeffrey got the comeback started with a goal. He didn't really shoot it in, but made it happen by driving to the cage. It is so cool to see a player earning what he's getting.  Rarely have Penguins prospects coming from Wilkes-Barre been able to this so quickly.

Lindy Ruff was bitching about it. Tangradi got some minutes. He isn't as polished as Jeffrey yet, but there are signs. Kennedy scored a goal on Ryan Miller.  Solid shot. But for the love of God, can someone tell Ryan Mill, the P.A. guy,  that the KENNEDY… KENNEDY! thing is not funny anymore?  Please. Seriously someone tell him.  Oddly enough, it would be funnier if Kennedy scored more goals: one of the rare instances where a joke or meme only gets better from overusage. Emo Miller knew what hit him, Staal worked his balls off and got a puck to Matt Cooke.
Cooke buried it for a 3-2 lead.
what a pic. Martin was solid again tonight.
Maybe he was a little banged up before the All Star break, because his wheels are sick right now. like the Pens played the entire second period in the Sabres zone. third wasn't as entertaining. Just ask this guy:
Kelly L with the snapshot. Penguins D was good in the third, but again Marc-Andre Fleury was better. He made some big saves late. is pretty garbage sans that Tyler Ennis dude.  Shifty as fuck. Pominville ran MAF at the end of the game, no call.

Letang got whistled for something very similar in the second. Pens have won three straight out of the All Star break.
Crosby isn't even around, and now it looks bad for Malkin.
Thought our boy Ryan P. at RLD had a really good stat this week.
Look at the Pens' strength of schedule the rest of the way:
The Pens have given themselves a nice cushion, and even if they play .500 hockey the rest of the way, they are in the playoffs. But getting into the playoffs then staying in the playoffs is a whole different story. No way anyone thought Crosby would be out this long, and for all we know we probably won't see him until early March. No word on Malkin yet. But if the injury is as bad as it looks, get ready for an interesting trade deadline.
Go Pens