RECAP: Burn Notice. PENS LOSE.

The third period of this game was comparable to the last minutes of an NBA game where teams get called for fouls every trip down the court.
It's lame to blame officiating, and that isn't why the Pens lost. But holy crap. The refs looked like they got caught up calling the game tight and they never stopped. It was actually comical, but not really.
The Pens gave the Devils 10 powerplays. Over 29 minutes of penalties today. And anytime you have to kill 10 penalties you're probably going to lose.
Right back at it tomorrow. 7:30.


Right off the bat, the MegaPowers were making moves. Brodeur had to make a religious save on Kunitz, then the Pens drew a penalty.

Despres and Reese were at the points for the PP. Despres with a one-timer from the point. Went through everyone.


Pens had the Devils on their heels.

Eventually Malkin took a penalty. Pens kill it.

Engelland wrecks Clarkson, then Clarkson and Crosby collide. Engo wants to drop with Clarkson. Instead some jobber answers the bell.

Malkin and Neal made some moves and had Boychuk on the doorstep. No clue what happened. Gotta finish that.

Right after that, Vitale gave Fayne a ride. 2 minutes for boarding. Killed.

Pens had to kill another one right after that. So they did.

Devils started getting more chances at the end of the period and almost ruined the party.

Bortuzzo threw his body around all period.

Another solid game from Bort, in our opinon. This game wasn't lost because of the defense.


Pens were on another kill early. MAF was really settled in. Killed.
Devils were getting the better of everything until Clarkson cross-checked Orpik in front of MAF.
Pens jumped on the PP. Kovalchuck basically owned that whole thing.
How good is Kovalchuk? 30 minutes of ice time today. He's averaging 25+ minutes a night.

Vitale went to the box again for another boarding call. Yet another kill.
Malkin drew a penalty later. What a play. PP looked rough.
Devils hung in long enough to tie it. Matteau. Matteau. Matteau.



Orpik looked pissed.
Play turned around, and the Pens got another PP.
It is hard to explain what exactly happened, but just watch this gif via @thescottlewis
Turns out it all moot because Malkin was offside.


Tale of the third: Pens were going to get a powerplay and Malkin got suckered into taking up an even-up penalty.

Prevailing thought is you can't do that. But it isn't as easy as just walking away. Basically taking an even-up penalty is like whenever someone you hate at work sends you a bitchy email that ends in "please advise. " You can choose to not respond, or come back with an even worse e-mail. In this case, Malkin chose to hit the "reply all" button.

In between another Malkin penalty, Tanner Class took one. The levee broke.


Malkin went off for being a dick. Bobby Butler beat MAF on one he'd probably like to have back.


After that, the game was out of control. If there was a free-throw line, each team would have gone to it 8,000 times.
Brodeur put the finishing move on game with an unrealistic save on Malkin.
get real.
Probably Hedberg tomorrow.


— Refs were Chris Lee and Gord Dwyer. Going to be a long night whenever we see those guys.
— Kevin Bacon in "The Following." Best new show on TV right now.
— It takes longer to order at McDonald's than TK played today. Yeesh.
— Paul Martin is insane.
— Crosby and Malkin's minutes up.